Chee Soon Juan is NOT for Singapore and Singaporeans.


Overheard from Calvin Cheng :

Min Chan Chun Sing has written an excellent letter to Huffington Post informing the people behind this ultra-liberal, left-wing American publication that Chee Soon Juan is not a serious political figure in Singapore. No doubt, this sanctimonious online newspaper, founded by the quintessential champagne-socialist Arianna Huffington, will ignore it in the name of ‘freedom of speech’.

What is more interesting is the numerous extremists – hardcore opposition supporters – who have piled in to excoriate Min. Chan and defend Chee Soon Juan.

The thing is that Singapore would benefit from a GOOD opposition – any country would. Senior PAP members themselves have said as much. There are far better opposition figures that have done much for Singapore, not least of all Chiam See Tong whom Min Chan has called ‘an honourable man’.

And by far the man who has achieved the most for the opposition cause has been Low Thia Kiang, who took down a GRC packed with PAP heavyweights, and held Hougang without histrionics, without slandering people, without pandering to Western provocateurs, without the kind of ineffective and absurd political drama of Chee Soon Juan. These are the opposition figures that the world should know about.

People who support the Opposition without care about WHO the politician is and what he stands for are a blight on our hopes of having an enlightened electorate, and a constructive democracy. They are a grave danger to Singapore, and a knife in the heart of opposition activists who have worked hard through the years to build up a credible, constructive, and moderate Opposition.

Both ruling party supporters and moderate, reasonable opposition members must unite in the face of the extreme and destructive ideology of opposing for the sake of opposing. Otherwise Singapore will be ruined.


Overheard : 

1. Chee Soon Juan& his wife does not work for many years, he raised 3 beautiful children, drive a car, fully paid up a 3rm flat in a mature estate, travelled oversea for holiday and to bad mouth Singapore regularly.

2. CSJ was fired from NUS for misappropriating researched fund.

3. Staged a hunger strike, but eat a large breakfast everyday then fed himself glucose water throughout the day.

4. Usurped SDP from Chiam See Tong the founder.

5. Mr Chiam See Tong almost lost his Potong Pasir Parliamentary seat in 1993, after Chee Soon Juan attempted to expel him from the SDP. Mr Chiam has to go to court to prevent Chee from doing so on procedural grounds. After which Chee replace Mr Chiam as parliamentary opposition leader with Ling “Don’t Talk Cock” How Dong.

6. Protest crazy like the looney fringe Han Hui Hui. Everything also protest, illegally without permit.

7. Heckle crazy like the looney fringe Roy and Hui Hui.

8. Talk about freedom of speech, SDP page banned everyone who disagree with it.

9. Cannot get elected does not mean there is no democracy like Chee insisted. It only prove the people has rejected Chee’s stupid shit.

10. Desperate enough to trade his Town Council (if he wins) to another party just to avoid 3 corner fight. Then chicken out when rejected.

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