to a fellow Singaporean, who hates PAP with a passion

Overheard  from Daniel Tan Boon Huat :

My thoughts and responses to a fellow Singaporean, who hates PAP with a passion,

For the record though, I know this govt is no super angel, anyone who thinks our govt is purist must have his or her head checked. In fact no govt in the world is.

I will never know whether this govt is truly the best until I see competition, and there are lots of talents out there who would not be seen near the alternative parties side with a 10feet pole, why?

Because it’s not credible, it’s monopolized with people mostly who sprout rubbish and make angry remarks all day long, they spit and twist on every single damn thing. This monopoly of hatred and anger attracts the fellow angry section of society but nothing more.

The majority of folks wish to make their mark in life, carve out careers, date in peace, get married, have kids, perhaps retire when old. If they have a credible alternative to support, maybe so.

Ask them to stand amongst people who curse and swear at everything under the sun related to PAP, it’s not going to be comfortable.

To the rest of would be topplers of the “PAP dynasty”, I suggest we take the credible path instead of trying to foster a all out revolution or spread by anger, it’s going to be messy.

I love my nation more than loyalty to ANY party, don’t tear it apart while fostering change, do so in a responsible manner, don’t cry and whine about playing field, life is never fair.

Play to win and if you lose, lose respectably. Be a good sport. Be passionate, dare to dream


image source : People’s Action Party



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