How oppressive hor?

Overheard :


Huh? So this is one of the “heroes” purportedly voicing out the grievances of the people against an oppressive PAP? 

Just thinking out loud. Don’t look quite the underdog to me. Wonder what’s the PAP done to him or his family and what qualified him to be a mouthpiece for the “people”?

Or is this a restless youth trying to do a “popular” thing? I hear it is now quite popular to slam PAP. If you slam, you must be right. You must be a hero.

Irony is that “the Courts controlled by the oppressive PAP” (i.e. what dudes who love to slam the PAP often say… which, for the avoidance of doubt, I disagree completely) is considering probation to rehabilitate this “hero”. 

How oppressive hor?


One of five Toa Payoh vandalism suspects pleads guilty


SINGAPORE – One of five youths allegedly involved in a rooftop graffiti case in Toa Payoh in May pleaded guilty yesterday (Dec 24) to theft and criminal trespass.

David William Graaskov, 18, pleaded guilty to three of the six charges he was facing.

He admitted to stealing four cans of spray paint from a lorry on May 6 along with four others – Goh Rong Liang, Boaz Koh Wen Jie, Reagan Tan Chang Zhi and Chay Nam Shen.

His four accomplices allegedly used the cans to spray profanities against the People’s Action Party and the police along the rooftop of Block 85A at Toa Payoh Lorong 4.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tang Shangjun told the court that while Graaskov had agreed to take part in defacing the rooftop, he “realised it was getting late” and took the bus home at about 11.50pm that night and was not there when the spray painting took place.

The unemployed man also pleaded guilty to trespassing at the rooftop area of Marina Bay Suites in March and into a construction site at Jalan Rajah between October and December of 2013.

Three other charges – including trespassing onto the same Toa Payoh rooftop and stealing a $5 reflective vest from there – were taken into consideration.

If found guilty of theft, Graaskov could be jailed for up to three years’ jail and fined. For trespassing, he faces up to three months’ jail and a fine of up to S$1,500, or both.

The other four youths are due to appear in court next month. CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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