Chee Soon Juan claimed to be speaking for fellow Singaporeans but who gave him the mandate to do so?


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“I don’t normally post political stuffs on my page (I am not into it and don’t fancy it), but this is one thing I feel the need to speak up as a citizen of this country…. not really about politics but behaviour.

Dr Chee Soon Juan had been writing to foreign medias and giving speeches in overseas about the political scenes in Singapore all these whiles since he entered politics. He had been telling foreigners how the Singapore government failed to take care of it’s people properly, how Singaporeans had suffered under the Government run by the ruling party PAP, and how the Government try to silence opposition political parties and people who try to speak up for fellow Singaporeans against the Government. He said that there is no freedom of speech in Singapore and mainstream medias are controlled by the Government and his letters, views and speeches will never get published here.

I am not going to debate with Dr Chee about those bad Government policies he mentioned as I am not in the position but just want to air my views on his action.

Firstly, are Singaporeans really treated that badly or exploit by the Government here, that perhaps the majority of us do not have a roof over our heads, we are all roaming and sleeping on the streets? Majority of Singaporeans do not have a job and can’t even afford our basic meals? People who voiced out for fellow Singaporeans against the Government are all silenced by sending them to jail or perhaps kill them?

I seriously think that we did not fare that badly as a country with majority of the people having a roof over their heads, a job and basic necessities.

Secondly, he claimed to be speaking for fellow Singaporeans but who gave him the mandate to do so?
With the low votes he received during those three General Elections that he contested, it surely did not look like majority of Singaporeans were supporting him, his action and views. He went on a hunger strike to protest against the dismissal, after he lost his job in the NUS due to his serious misconduct and for misappropriating research fund, but he was drinking glucose drink, hunger strike, really? He was introduced into politics and mentored by Mr Chiam See Tong but he later forced Mr Chiam out of the political party the senior founded and fought for, he also misbehaved and challenged former Prime Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong in public with verbal abuse when both of them met at a walkabout during an election tour.

With all these, Dr Chee’s integrity is questionable, I surely would not approve of somebody like him to speak up for me.

Lastly, if he truly wants to fight for the rights of fellow Singaporeans, for the good of the people in this country, he should refrain from speaking to foreign medias in overseas. What does he really want to achieve? For his personal gains and glory or he is seriously naive to think that foreign Governments will intervene with our local Government policies here? Even if they do, is it for the good or bad of the people in this country?

Imagine if foreign Governments intervene by cutting all ties with us, stop doing business and investing in this country, MNC pull out of Singapore, Singaporeans will start losing their jobs, companies here and even the Government will start losing foreign investments and the people will seriously be starving and sleeping on the streets because don’t forget that we have literately nothing, everything we need (even basic necessities like rice, poultry, vegetables, seafood..etc) we need to import them.

I always feel that this is our own country, we run it the way we deem fit, we should never allow foreigners to dictate how our country should be run, no matter what the issues are, big or small. So if he really wants to make a change for the better for fellow Singaporeans, he should speak to our Government, talk to people who can really make the changes, go to Speaker Corner to speak to Singaporeans and garner supports, contest the General Election again and make those changes himself and not try to use foreign political forces to achieve this.

He once said “We are Singaporeans, we have our rights, our rights to vote, so do not sell your votes, sell your votes is selling your country” …. Seriously, whether his view points are right or wrong, he is selling the country by going round telling the whole world that Singapore is bad, we have a bad Government, people in this country has no rights, no freedom of speech, trying to get foreign political forces to intervene on how our country should be run.

I am not going to allow someone who is always ready to sell the country to speak up for me or run this country….. Never!!! “


Chee Soon Juan has sacrificed Singapore’s national interest for his political agenda




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I understand there is some anger about the manner Minister Chan Chun Sing responded to HuffingtonPost about publishing Chee Soon Juan’s articles. Please consider that 1 of the 2 articles called for major trading partners to not sign Free Trade Agreements with Singapore until certain conditions are met. If he has his way, jobs will be lost in Singapore. Families will be thrown into hardship. Livelihoods will be affected.

As a Singaporean, I am deeply offended by what he did, asking foreign nations to do things against Singapore’s interest to further his agenda.

Regardless of whether we agree with the way Chan Chun Sing responded, we must not get distracted from the real issue at hand.

We must stand resolutely and in solidarity against what Chee Soon Juan is doing here.


  • I fully agree. Well said. As a small nation dependent on trade with the world, we should support free trade. CSJ has sacrificed Singapore’s national interest for his political agenda. That’s why he’s unfit to be a political leader (imho).


Chee Soon Juan is NOT for Singapore and Singaporeans.


Overheard from Calvin Cheng :

Min Chan Chun Sing has written an excellent letter to Huffington Post informing the people behind this ultra-liberal, left-wing American publication that Chee Soon Juan is not a serious political figure in Singapore. No doubt, this sanctimonious online newspaper, founded by the quintessential champagne-socialist Arianna Huffington, will ignore it in the name of ‘freedom of speech’.

What is more interesting is the numerous extremists – hardcore opposition supporters – who have piled in to excoriate Min. Chan and defend Chee Soon Juan.

The thing is that Singapore would benefit from a GOOD opposition – any country would. Senior PAP members themselves have said as much. There are far better opposition figures that have done much for Singapore, not least of all Chiam See Tong whom Min Chan has called ‘an honourable man’.

And by far the man who has achieved the most for the opposition cause has been Low Thia Kiang, who took down a GRC packed with PAP heavyweights, and held Hougang without histrionics, without slandering people, without pandering to Western provocateurs, without the kind of ineffective and absurd political drama of Chee Soon Juan. These are the opposition figures that the world should know about.

People who support the Opposition without care about WHO the politician is and what he stands for are a blight on our hopes of having an enlightened electorate, and a constructive democracy. They are a grave danger to Singapore, and a knife in the heart of opposition activists who have worked hard through the years to build up a credible, constructive, and moderate Opposition.

Both ruling party supporters and moderate, reasonable opposition members must unite in the face of the extreme and destructive ideology of opposing for the sake of opposing. Otherwise Singapore will be ruined.


Overheard : 

1. Chee Soon Juan& his wife does not work for many years, he raised 3 beautiful children, drive a car, fully paid up a 3rm flat in a mature estate, travelled oversea for holiday and to bad mouth Singapore regularly.

2. CSJ was fired from NUS for misappropriating researched fund.

3. Staged a hunger strike, but eat a large breakfast everyday then fed himself glucose water throughout the day.

4. Usurped SDP from Chiam See Tong the founder.

5. Mr Chiam See Tong almost lost his Potong Pasir Parliamentary seat in 1993, after Chee Soon Juan attempted to expel him from the SDP. Mr Chiam has to go to court to prevent Chee from doing so on procedural grounds. After which Chee replace Mr Chiam as parliamentary opposition leader with Ling “Don’t Talk Cock” How Dong.

6. Protest crazy like the looney fringe Han Hui Hui. Everything also protest, illegally without permit.

7. Heckle crazy like the looney fringe Roy and Hui Hui.

8. Talk about freedom of speech, SDP page banned everyone who disagree with it.

9. Cannot get elected does not mean there is no democracy like Chee insisted. It only prove the people has rejected Chee’s stupid shit.

10. Desperate enough to trade his Town Council (if he wins) to another party just to avoid 3 corner fight. Then chicken out when rejected.

CPF money is always returned – IN FULL, but those who donate their money to Roy Ngerng will never again see their money. And woh ! M Ravi earns more than a senior counsel ?!

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Overheard from QY:

So Roy’s lawyer earns more than a senior counsel?
He gave the figure of $70k himself when he asked for donations. Hahaha

He can inflate his lawyer’s legal fee to any amount he wants since he isn’t paying for it. It’s public donations and he is well able to manipulate people’s emotions to get them to donate. No one has any idea how much of the donations has been spent or how they were spent. There is no transparency or accountability.

The government raised the draw down age so that they can keep your CPF forever?
That’s a big lie.

What is true is that those who donate their money to Roy will never again see that money.

Since when was anyone unable to take back his CPF?
The older generation had already withdrawn all their CPF. The younger old are receiving their monthly payouts. People are using their CPF to buy their property, to pay medical bills and insurance and more. If a person lives to a ripe old age, the monthly payouts he receives in total exceeds what he has in his retirement account. If unfortunately he dies early, whatever money he has left in his CPF will be distributed to his family members according to his nomination. If he had not made any nomination, then the money will still be distributed to his family members – according to intestacy laws.

Either way, the CPF money is always returned – IN FULL.

Comment :
At my age of 74 years, I totally agree with the writer’s comment regarding the CPF.

Thru CPF I own my HDB Flat ( now rented ) n CPF has never fail to pay me.

Current income gives me much more than I need n yet to see the need of my personal saving, all thanks to our country’s good system …


Overheard :

  • These 2 person, Roy & HHH are deem clever. If you are not successful in life due to deficiency of capability, the least is they know that a bunch of anti-PAP supporters would like to listen, cheers and support regardless. The more they spoke against the Ruling party, (any bullshit also can) the better and more money they get. I wonder if they might even get a long term salary to continue their act.
  • If it is not 70K , who in the right mind ( not even Ravi) will represent him for blalantly defamation of a country Prime Minister.
    It is suicide , R&R ( Roy and Ravi ) are both in it for the money ,only very naive people can’t see that.
  • The only suckers here were the people who donated the amount…
    I wonder how they are feeling now..
  • PM Lee’s legal fee is assessed to be $29,000, but Ravi’s legal fee to represent Roy Ngerng is $70,000 (based on this, Roy managed to crowd-source $110K).
    Superb business model. Were you conned?

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to a fellow Singaporean, who hates PAP with a passion

Overheard  from Daniel Tan Boon Huat :

My thoughts and responses to a fellow Singaporean, who hates PAP with a passion,

For the record though, I know this govt is no super angel, anyone who thinks our govt is purist must have his or her head checked. In fact no govt in the world is.

I will never know whether this govt is truly the best until I see competition, and there are lots of talents out there who would not be seen near the alternative parties side with a 10feet pole, why?

Because it’s not credible, it’s monopolized with people mostly who sprout rubbish and make angry remarks all day long, they spit and twist on every single damn thing. This monopoly of hatred and anger attracts the fellow angry section of society but nothing more.

The majority of folks wish to make their mark in life, carve out careers, date in peace, get married, have kids, perhaps retire when old. If they have a credible alternative to support, maybe so.

Ask them to stand amongst people who curse and swear at everything under the sun related to PAP, it’s not going to be comfortable.

To the rest of would be topplers of the “PAP dynasty”, I suggest we take the credible path instead of trying to foster a all out revolution or spread by anger, it’s going to be messy.

I love my nation more than loyalty to ANY party, don’t tear it apart while fostering change, do so in a responsible manner, don’t cry and whine about playing field, life is never fair.

Play to win and if you lose, lose respectably. Be a good sport. Be passionate, dare to dream


image source : People’s Action Party


My Singapore, Good, Bad and the Ugly

Overheard :

My Singapore, Good, Bad and the Ugly

Singapore has been known for many achievements. The accolades are thick and there are reasons to have more. We are a success stories every nation big and small would like to emulate.

The word Success is synonymous to Singapore. Then again, we need to understand, Singapore is successful because we are a new nation, then. We have little or no history, there is no precedence. Our Curriculum Vitae is short, we are starting on a relatively clean slate. Then we have a brilliant artist, and his team, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and the first generation of cabinet ministers. They rose to the occasion and made this clean slate a masterpiece.

That doesn’t mean we have no failures. To have that much about of success under our belt, we must have failed even more. Just because we are Singapore, does not mean we are exempted from the cruel statistics, we have our fair share of failures.

The problem is, we let our success get to our head, we gloat over what we have achieved, and are actually resting on our laurels! And being Asian, compounded the problem, when we fail, we fail privately, sweep these embarrassing failures under the proverbial carpet. We celebrate our success, and only if we celebrate our failures just as much!

We don’t.

From young, we are not allowed to fail. From young, we are connecting fail equals to bad. And we keep pushing the future generation to greater heights of success. and if we are not able to, we do not acknowledge the failures of not being able to attain success.

The hindsight is missing, we’ve became a nation so bent on finding the next spark of success, that we failed to acknowledge the past struggles. Every National Day Parade paraded pretty much the same theme, our tumultuous past, our national building heritage, how our island nation was founded, the ever popular ‘Singapura’ theme. People are complaining staid. As staid as it may seem, it is part of national brainwashing, for a good cause. in those stories, lies the our foreparents’ insecurities about their future, their struggles, and their Failures, mistakes, and other errors. never once, was there an attempt to draw lessons from those experiences. Instead, we celebrate, and celebrate like crazy.

As our great, albeit young nation approaches 50, there will be more achievements, granted, much more failures, a lot more humble pies to eat. We need to bring this reality to our new population.

There is a general impression that Singapore have a bright shiny past, our history is magnificent, truth to the matter we have a checkered and dark story, not told, swept under the carpet of success. Many many countless faces and names have perished to make our nation great. Many countless funny, stupid, embarrassing mistakes has been made, where are they? Bringing them out, is not an exercise of exorcising the demons of our past, rather, it is an act of maturity as a nation, we can look at our past, with equanimity, for lessons, for teachings, not for forgiveness, or remembrance, we need to do that reflection, so that we can have a future forward as a greater, more matured nation.

However too many parents are not telling their kids why the NDP is done as such. Even though every theme every year is quite the same I make a point to tell my kids what we’ve gone through as a nation. And of course enjoy the fire works at the end of it! I love every bit of NDP.


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How oppressive hor?

Overheard :


Huh? So this is one of the “heroes” purportedly voicing out the grievances of the people against an oppressive PAP? 

Just thinking out loud. Don’t look quite the underdog to me. Wonder what’s the PAP done to him or his family and what qualified him to be a mouthpiece for the “people”?

Or is this a restless youth trying to do a “popular” thing? I hear it is now quite popular to slam PAP. If you slam, you must be right. You must be a hero.

Irony is that “the Courts controlled by the oppressive PAP” (i.e. what dudes who love to slam the PAP often say… which, for the avoidance of doubt, I disagree completely) is considering probation to rehabilitate this “hero”. 

How oppressive hor?


One of five Toa Payoh vandalism suspects pleads guilty


SINGAPORE – One of five youths allegedly involved in a rooftop graffiti case in Toa Payoh in May pleaded guilty yesterday (Dec 24) to theft and criminal trespass.

David William Graaskov, 18, pleaded guilty to three of the six charges he was facing.

He admitted to stealing four cans of spray paint from a lorry on May 6 along with four others – Goh Rong Liang, Boaz Koh Wen Jie, Reagan Tan Chang Zhi and Chay Nam Shen.

His four accomplices allegedly used the cans to spray profanities against the People’s Action Party and the police along the rooftop of Block 85A at Toa Payoh Lorong 4.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tang Shangjun told the court that while Graaskov had agreed to take part in defacing the rooftop, he “realised it was getting late” and took the bus home at about 11.50pm that night and was not there when the spray painting took place.

The unemployed man also pleaded guilty to trespassing at the rooftop area of Marina Bay Suites in March and into a construction site at Jalan Rajah between October and December of 2013.

Three other charges – including trespassing onto the same Toa Payoh rooftop and stealing a $5 reflective vest from there – were taken into consideration.

If found guilty of theft, Graaskov could be jailed for up to three years’ jail and fined. For trespassing, he faces up to three months’ jail and a fine of up to S$1,500, or both.

The other four youths are due to appear in court next month. CHANNEL NEWSASIA

Source link – > One of five Toa Payoh vandalism suspects pleads guilty