CPF money is always returned – IN FULL, but those who donate their money to Roy Ngerng will never again see their money. And woh ! M Ravi earns more than a senior counsel ?!

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Overheard from QY:

So Roy’s lawyer earns more than a senior counsel?
He gave the figure of $70k himself when he asked for donations. Hahaha

He can inflate his lawyer’s legal fee to any amount he wants since he isn’t paying for it. It’s public donations and he is well able to manipulate people’s emotions to get them to donate. No one has any idea how much of the donations has been spent or how they were spent. There is no transparency or accountability.

The government raised the draw down age so that they can keep your CPF forever?
That’s a big lie.

What is true is that those who donate their money to Roy will never again see that money.

Since when was anyone unable to take back his CPF?
The older generation had already withdrawn all their CPF. The younger old are receiving their monthly payouts. People are using their CPF to buy their property, to pay medical bills and insurance and more. If a person lives to a ripe old age, the monthly payouts he receives in total exceeds what he has in his retirement account. If unfortunately he dies early, whatever money he has left in his CPF will be distributed to his family members according to his nomination. If he had not made any nomination, then the money will still be distributed to his family members – according to intestacy laws.

Either way, the CPF money is always returned – IN FULL.

Comment :
At my age of 74 years, I totally agree with the writer’s comment regarding the CPF.

Thru CPF I own my HDB Flat ( now rented ) n CPF has never fail to pay me.

Current income gives me much more than I need n yet to see the need of my personal saving, all thanks to our country’s good system …


Overheard :

  • These 2 person, Roy & HHH are deem clever. If you are not successful in life due to deficiency of capability, the least is they know that a bunch of anti-PAP supporters would like to listen, cheers and support regardless. The more they spoke against the Ruling party, (any bullshit also can) the better and more money they get. I wonder if they might even get a long term salary to continue their act.
  • If it is not 70K , who in the right mind ( not even Ravi) will represent him for blalantly defamation of a country Prime Minister.
    It is suicide , R&R ( Roy and Ravi ) are both in it for the money ,only very naive people can’t see that.
  • The only suckers here were the people who donated the amount…
    I wonder how they are feeling now..
  • PM Lee’s legal fee is assessed to be $29,000, but Ravi’s legal fee to represent Roy Ngerng is $70,000 (based on this, Roy managed to crowd-source $110K).
    Superb business model. Were you conned?

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