Hard truths that keep Singapore going…

This blog is created for the betterment of Singapore Society and Political scene, with the hope of nurturing a political mature population, by providing a balance and fair view countering the anti-establishment movement, which is dominating the current cyberspace.

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  1. Feeling Full And Bright says:

    An odd story which is making the rounds among US university alumni. There was a big audience at the event, so it should be easy to confirm or deny:

    Chen Show Mao was Guest-of-Honour at the Singapore-Fulbright Annual Dinner on April 26th 2012. Everybody at the fully-packed event was waiting for the half hour dialogue which had been prominently advertised.

    Show Mao was in good form, energetic and gave a very eloquent speech on the Fulbright, Rhodes and ASEAN scholarships. He kept his speech on an iPad with matching light blue cover onstage, which was a nice fashion touch.

    Immediately after finishing his speech, Show Mao whispered to the organisers and left. The organising chairman seemed quite pertubed and told the nearly 200 guests that Show Mao had taken ill, so had to excuse himself.

    Opinion among the audience was divided. Some thought Show Mao was trying to avoid tough Q&A, since he seemed so well at the pre-dinner reception and during the speech. Others were worried for his health, as Show Mao is over 50 and not exactly a spring chicken. Whatever the truth of the event, it was a very strange end to a very remarkable evening.

  2. sghardtruth says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. citizen says:

    I’m an 18-year-old student who is similarly concerned about the many (wrong) accusations and fabrications of Singapore’s ruling party. And I support the PAP. So we are allies.

    However, I would like to point out that by posting (primarily) good things about the ruling government, this site comes across propaganda-ish, which turns off some readers, especially those who already have a negative impression of the ruling government.

    The hardcore opposition who post regularly on forums will treat what is posted on this site with a pinch of salt, and would rather revel in the perpetuation of ignorance elsewhere.

    It might be hard for you to retain a strong readership because you mainly re-post news that display the government in good light. Perhaps some honest critique of possible limitations of governmental policies would be good. Or you could express some concern. Followed by some persuasion to win the readers to your side. For eg, in your post about SAFOS Scholarships, if I were you, I would have written that “some taxpayers are definitely worried that these students have taken up the scholarship not to serve the country but really to chase after the prestige of the SAFOS Scholarship and a fast-track career. however, my personal view is that working in the SAF is not all that glamorous and involves a lot of physical and mental determination! (elaborate) how many teenagers today will willingly work for the army, especially when you can make big bucks and lead glamorous lives without having to sweat in camps in fields like law or banking? this means that it is highly possible that those who have decided to take the SAFOS scholarship have thought through seriously about what they want and are serious about serving the nation, so we should still give them the credit. Of course, it is too early to say whether they will successfully defend our nation, but we will only know in due course. Hope that the PSC selected the right candidates for our country”

  4. Thank you for your feedback, citizen…:)

  5. refinelubis says:

    thank’s for standing up strong here. stay objective for the sake of our young generation future and many more bright years for this country. cheers!

  6. thanks and cheers ! 🙂

  7. sg soft truth says:

    no more recent update

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