Stay calm and united, not divide or destroy our society- PM Lee

  Lee Hsien Loong  <-

I am saddened by the loss of innocent lives in the Sydney hostage taking. I had just held a briefing with our community and religious leaders on extremist terrorism last month. We talked about how it remained a live threat to us, and in particular the danger of self-radicalisation.

This incident teaches us to keep up our guard. Despite all our precautions, we can never completely rule out such an incident here. If it ever happens, we need the cohesion and resilience to deal with it calmly and as one united people, and not let it divide or destroy our society. – LHL



Singapore stands in solidarity with Australia: PM Lee

Source : Todayonline link ->Singapore stands in solidarity with Australia: PM Lee

Excerpt : 


16 December 2014

Dear Prime Minister Abbott,

I have followed news of the hostage incident in Sydney with great concern. The hostage taker has committed an abominable crime, invoked the name of Islam in vain, and perpetrated an affront to all civilised societies. The incident reminds us of the threat that terrorism and extremism, and in particular the danger of self-radicalisation, pose to all societies.

The Australian police and officials acted with great professionalism in dealing with a very difficult situation. I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of innocent lives and injuries in the final outcome.  But I have no doubt that they did what they needed to do, and helped to save many lives.

On behalf of the Government and people of Singapore, I offer our deepest condolences to the victims and their loved ones. Singapore stands in solidarity with Australia.

Yours sincerely

Lee Hsien Loong


Overheard :

  • I am ashamed of how my religion has become a tool for vicious criminal acts. These acts of violence are not condoned in Islam and I hope people will see that many muslims do not support such deranged acts. I hope the people of Syndey stay safe and that this incident will not spark further hate. Having originated from a country of ethnic violence, I understand all too well the implications of isolated hate crimes. May such things never happen here.

You and the majority of Muslim people have NOTHING to be ashamed of. The acts of a minority sect of your religion does not define the majority of your religion. If anything, hold your head high and let the world know that the Muslim community unites together with the world, to stand against such horrible acts of terror. I stand with you.


  • The first step is to know yr neighbours. Getting engaged in lively conversation will disperse
    doubts and suspicions. My two Neighbours are from Mynmar and India.I am a practising Muslim.We knew each other backgrounds. So if this network of communication
    spreads across all living quarters in Singapore it will serve as a safety net. What we need is a vigilante population. Our Govt is On the alert. We have a pro-active Religious council from every faith. 
    As Singaporeans with the right frame of mind we conduct our lives peacefully. ONLY those with mental cracks chose to live otherwise. For this, protect us ALLAH (in my case) GOD, JESUS, BUDDHA LORD SHIVA…etc..depending on yr beliefs.


  • When we are too vigilant, people say we kiasu, when we slack a little n things happen, the people question the authority why they ‘slack’…outsiders commented we are too up tight…but safety is something we can’t just slack because we want freedom in this and that…freedom comes with a price…you have to choose what price you are willing to pay for the freedom you want…


  • To my Muslim friends and fellow Singaporeans, rest assured that there will be zero tolerance towards discrimination against the religion or anyone. These individuals with their radical extremist ideas do not represent all of Islam and all Muslims. Like wise, those of other religions who discriminate against Islam do not represent the majority. We are all Singaporeans, all citizens of a world we live in together. We will stand hand in hand against terrorists threats as a nation united, regardless or race, language, or religion!


  • I am living in Australia and I am appreciative how religious tolerance were taught back during my school days in Singapore. Religion must never be used to propagate a political motive nor must it be twisted to push a personal agenda. What happened in Sydney is a lone gunman using a distorted view of his religion to create terror and sorrow among people.


  • 反恐之心不可无也!也提醒国人同心合意的重要,以及时时建立反恐意识!同时更不忘我们的内政群英,你们的每日辛劳,我们才能得以安眠,在反恐工作,你们功不可抹!


  • Singapore preaches acceptance and there is greater interaction among the various races who grew up together. We are sensible enough to see this as separate from Islam.


  • Good day,my fellow Singaporeans,
    Let’s us stay united as one nation and be caring and helpful to one another regardless of race or religion.
    Our government are always on top of all major national issues to maintain peace and order for the nation.
    We as citizens need to co operate with them by being proactive and vigilant to keep the country safe, stable and peaceful at all time.



Members of the Australian Muslim community pray after placing floral tributes amongst thousands of others near the Lindt cafe, where hostages were held for over 16 hours, in central Sydney Dec 16, 2014. Photo: Reuters


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