SG50 Celebrations – 2015 !

POSTED: 03 Jun 2014  CNA

The focus of the celebrations will be on celebrating shared values, affirming aspirations and committing to a brighter Singapore, says the SG50 Programme Office.

SINGAPORE:  The committee in charge of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebrations has promised Singaporeans a string of exciting events next year when the nation marks its 50th year of independence.

The theme of the celebrations is for all Singaporeans to celebrate as one people, the SG50 Programme Office said on Tuesday (June 3). The focus will be on celebrating shared values, affirming aspirations and committing to a brighter Singapore.

In the spirit of getting Singaporeans involved, some events have also incorporated ideas from members of the public.

More than 11,000 ideas over a span of two months were submitted to the SG50 Committee. Of these, the SG50 committee identified over 1,400 proposals that could be incorporated into the national celebrations.

Fourteen proposals have also qualified for the SG50 Celebration Fund, set up to encourage Singaporeans to initiate and drive their own ideas for the celebrations. Each proposal can receive up to S$50,000 in funding depending on the scale and scope of the proposed project.

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat, who is the chairman of the SG50 Steering Committee, said: “We want the 2015 calendar to be wide-ranging so that it caters to different segments of society.”

The celebrations will kick off with the year-end countdown party at Marina Bay and continue through 2015 with the SEA Games and National Day Parade as key highlights.

Other highlights of the celebration include:


The community will be invited to crowd-source 50 favourite places and to co-create content which evokes shared memories and hopes for the future – for instance, through sketches, poetry, photographs and short films.


An event that rallies youths to come together to celebrate the achievements of young Singaporeans in different areas such as the arts, sports and uniformed groups.


In the lead-up to the opening of the National Gallery in November next year, there will be a community art project to engage Singaporeans on their thoughts, feelings and hopes for the nation, as inspired by the National Pledge. The best artworks will be incorporated into a new sheltered linkway that extends from the City Hall MRT station to the National Gallery.


A walking trail that covers historic locations in the civic district and the Marina Bay area, with trail markers and four new public artworks to commemorate SG50.

News link -> Committee unveils highlights of SG50 celebrations 


Singaporean’s “can-do” and “never say die” attitude is prevalent through all walks of life. It is this attitude that underwrote our nation’s rag to riches success!


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