Advancement of technology is to benefit mankind.

Overheard from the net :

The marvel of modern technology allows us to help someone reach his destination even though we are not exactly sure of the directions. I met a few people who asked for directions, I know we are very near but I just don’t know where exactly the place is, so I used my smartphone to search for the map and advise accordingly. It usually takes a couple of mins to help someone

I believe the people who pushed for advancement of technology have the same purpose in mind, that is to benefit mankind. With the Internet, we are increasingly connected. My thoughts, my words, my intent can reach a person, even without meeting him/ her face to face. There are various platforms like blogs, Facebook, forums to help.achieve this goal. A good way to describe this phenomenon is, “the power is at our fingertips”. This is also the power to heal or destroy.

We have seen people using the Internet to create havoc, to incite hate and anger, to be racially insensitive but we have also seen people using the Internet to spread good, to organize and gather support to help others. I believe that having an agenda and being anonymous does not grant a person the rights to hurt another person. Even though we are all residents of the cyberspace, the person sitting behind the computer screen is a real human being with feelings and emotions. We should never aim to hurt him/ her just to bring our point across.

Let’s be responsible for what we do and strive to heal more people with this power. Nothing is more comforting than to see the love you have given out, come back to you one day


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