Defence Spending in Singapore is a waste of money ?


overheard from The Reservist

The writer of this article felt that Singapore is spending too much on defence and the money could be better used to fund social needs. He doubted Singapore would stand a chance against an invasion from Malaysia or Indonesia. His “solution” was to allow US, UK and Australia troops to be based in Singapore. This, he feels, will deter aggressors.

Let’s see :

(1) The last time we were occupied by another country was when we depended others to defend us.

(2) The fact that we remained sovereign since independence shows that we don’t need another country’s military in Singapore to act as a deterrent. WE are the deterrence.

(3) Come on, give us some credit. We may not be professional soldiers but we’re definitely good enough to defend Singapore. We don’t go back for our ICTs for fun. Ok, we do to a certain extent but we also train hard and are ready to defend Singapore.

That being said, we do agree that more can be done to help Singaporeans, especially the less fortunate. But it shouldn’t be at the expense of defence.

Without a strong defence, we may not even have a place to call home.
Comments : 
  • The guy who wrote the article probably is a foreigner or someone who wants to poison the minds of Singaporeans.. Only the brainless will agree with the writer
  • The guy who wrote the article is, in my view, a traitor to his country, people and his own faith.
  • Boastful? We are not boastful. Its an act of confidence. Once our enemies sees we lack any bit of confidence of defending this land of ours. That will surely be our downfall. Just like a crack in a dam. Though small but will lead to a disaster. Never doubt the will of our people. See how far have we come now. We may not b in numbers. But we’ll sure give hell before we give up our home!!!!
  • If the author is Singaporean, then what he wrote is tantamount to treason. And the law will hang the treasonous.
    In other news, we really need to kick out internal parasites.

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