The Quality of a Nation

Overheard : 

The quality of the Nation is Critically Dependent on the Values Inculcated in the the Citizens during the Formative Years of their Growing Up:

I view serving with the MOE for 38 years as part of my desire for life-long learning and humble contribution to my fellow-Singaporeans.

As a Teacher one has to be a good role model and be prepared to learn and accept what self-sacrifice involves.

As a Vice-Principal, one is a role model for both the young impressionable pupils and the newly graduated teachers in one’s charge.

As an Educational Administrator, one is charged with the sacred task of moulding very young lives, inculcating values that would stand these young of our Nation in good stead in their adulthood.

Besides inculcating good values, there is also the need to help guide these young people grow up to be responsible citizens who are able to fend for themselves as well as fulfil their responsibilities by their families, loved ones as well as relatives, friends and fellowmen.

A responsible citizen also owes a duty to the nation. This is to help ensure that the Nation who saw to their well-being will be able to continue to develop and grow and be sustainable for generations to come.To be able to help protect all that took generations of their fellowmen in the past to have been able to deliver and achieve, the young of today have to be mentally prepared to be willing to make a selfless sacrifice for the sake of the future generations after them.

One’s life does not stop with retirement. Retirement is another phase of our life-long learning. As a Senior Citizen one has to learn how to be gracious and be ever ready to share with the young their experiences in life. Senior Citizens must always show the younger generations the positive side of life, to learn to support and reinforce one another positively. To be positive in life is implicitly, to make a positive contribution, no matter how small, to the task of nation-building.

In short, life should not be so much about our ability to acquire but our ability to be fully involved in the life and well-being of the Community and the Country.

We may not be remembered for how rich we were when we pass on and are no more. But we may rest assured that we will be remembered for the contribution we have made for the betterment of our fellowmen and our Country.



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