We are not better off than 10 years back meh

Overheard :

To your answer of if we are better off than today:

1. CPF : is there any other banks today that pay you better in interest rate for your savings?
I don’t see a big flaw in this system since we are paying a lot less taxes than other countries. So we need to be self reliant when we grow old. You may argue that you don’t need PAP to manage your savings, then it’s good for you.

But in our society, many people are not capable of that, and who is going to take care of them when they grow old?
It is like expecting our children to take care of us when we are old, it’s 21st century, not going to happen.

2. High price of HDB : agree our apartment cost is expensive, but generally still affordable for public housing. The cooling measures have taken effect and prices have gone down recently.
If property market just drop drastically, what about people who already own a flat?
Do they want their asserts to depreciate? The answer is no.

3. Foreigners stealing our jobs. There are many jobs available such as in service / construction etc lines that foreigners have taken the jobs.
Do you want those jobs? If you are talking about management roles that some companies do hire foreigners, ask yourself, are you good enough for the position? Why would companies rather pay more to hire a foreigner if a local can do do the job? The world is going into globalization, likewise, your expertise might be appreciated somewhere else.

4. Overcrowded condition : we are limited by option as we are a small city. Look at Japan,Hong Kong, and even London. Is their public transport less crowded than ours?

To you point on public health, no one is denied of healthcare services even if you are poor in SG. The waiting time for A&E is very reasonable compared to other countries. Waiting for 4 to 6 hours for a stomach pain in A&E is not going to kill you. Our government realised that we have an aging population and are building more hospitals in Jurong, Seng Kang etc and expanding more hospital facilities… how many government can plan so far ahead?

Lastly, it just gross me that we should just vote for any party simply because we want to send a message to PAP. Even though we are not happy with our current government, we have to deep dive into how opposition can do a better job.

Political stability is extreme important to the growth of economy of a country. Myopic mind like you are just looking on the surface without any concrete ideas/solutions. And if you are blaming foreigners for taking your job and government for not providing you a better life?  Time to reflect!””

image : People’s Action Party



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