Check Mate is not scare-mongering

Overheard from Calvin Cheng :

Anti Government brigade has been vexed by PM Lee’s comment that if there are too many checks in parliament, it could lead to a ‘check mate’. They have used this to accuse the PM of scare-mongering again, and being out-of-touch with voters desires.

This is not scare-mongering. We have seen in many places this happening. The US has not been able to pass any substantial legislation since Obamacare when the Democrats both held the House and the White House; they have even steered the Government onto the verge of bankruptcy as a result of being deadlocked about the budget. The remaining 2 years of Obama’s Presidency will be more of the same, now that the Republicans control Congress. Recently, Belgium was without a Government for 535 days. Sweden’s current minority-government collapsed 3 days ago after just 2 months in power, when they were unable to pass their Budget.

Nobody has said that we shouldn’t have an opposition, if it is a good, strong opposition.

DPM Tharman has said as much. What hurts the country – any country – is when political parties put politics above a nation’s interest. 

What we want are alternative ideas, not empty rhetoric about ‘checks-and-balances’. We want parties to present alternative visions for Singapore, as well as their ability to execute them. 

‘First World Parliament’, ‘Co-Driver’ – these are just empty words.

That is what is meant by a Democracy of Deeds..

We want action. Not words.


more overheard :

  • Scaremongering is telling people to vote for anyone but PAP to prevent Singapore from being ‘sold to foreigners’, ‘systematically bred out’ or the funniest of all – from being bankrupted. And showing no credible evidence to back such talk.

    Yeah, looking at AHPETC I’m full of confidence towards the alternative.


  • We should choose to be as just forgiving to the Ruling Party we are to the Opposition. The PAP has rectified so many problems. The past is the past. No point living in the past and keep on harping on it. Isn’t this a mantra of life as well about living in the present, planning for the future and moving on from the past?

    If we are talking about the past, didn’t the WP fare worse? Look at the stuff that they brought up in Parliament. Hardly any substance . Look at the way they run the Town Councils. Red flags year after year. Look at the way they go about flouting rules. Yet, we choose to have double standards when we talk about the past. And, yes, some of us still choose to believe that the Opposition can play a checking role on the PAP. Come on, the PAP members are the ones who provide the robust debates and checks on the policies. Even, the NMPs are doing better than the elected Opposition and Mr Giam. So, I urge Singaporeans to stat thinking of what’s best for our nation in the long run.


  • All liberal democracies — and there are several different types and degrees of liberal democracies as distinct from fascist democracies or communist democracies, all of which share common intellectual roots — are meant by design to be slightly dysfunctional as check and balances on the absolute exercise of power. But the empirical fact is that in almost every western liberal democracy and in the contemporary Japanese, South Korean, Taiwanese and post-Suharto Indonesian variants, the dysfunctionality has been taken to such extremes that the quality of governance has been seriously compromised and in extreme cases only idiots voluntarily enter politics leading to serious leadership deficits. This is what our PM is, overly gently in my opinion, pointing out.

    Alas too many of our compatriots, particularly the self styled critical thinkers, the attention seeking misfits, the rejected politicians, unsuccessful former civil servants, mediocre academics and failed novelists, see, or profess to see, the dysfunctional as desirable in itself and seek to ape failed systems. I suppose it gets them invited to the soirees of the less discriminating of western diplomats and journalists. I do not begrudge them the opportunity to guzzle at the trough but I am concerned if the majority of our compatriots take them more seriously than warranted.


  • Political parties with different viewpoints, vision and manifesto would not reach a consensus please. It is how they will garner votes. The politicians of different parties will only bicker hence they will not work with each other. The voters play a big part as in how to charter the future direction of a country is believing in the political party manifesto that would deliver.

    If you want Singapore a welfare state please vote in the oppositions they will use that to garner votes, if you prefer Singapore do not becomes a welfare state pls vote the ruling party. If ever Singapore become a welfare state, majority do not welcome higher taxes and they will follow herd instinct to enjoy welfare benefits including me why pay higher income tax? If taxes are not raise where would the govt find money to fund the budget spending not risking the sound and positive fiscal situation .


  •  I’m afraid we may end up in a dead heat parliament not by choice. There are folks who don’t give a toss about how ineffective WP’s is or how outlandish and outright impractical the likes of csj’s politics mean. They just don’t like the PAP and believe that the way to change every ill at one fell swoop is to change the government in charge. 
    I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry when folks think like that. Progressive change seems to be out the window these days. Instant tree syndrome prevails.


Photo: Keep replacing “doer, thinker and leader” with jiak liao bee "checker", eventually it will be checkmate for Singapore! 

Mr Lee Hsien Loong: "Only the PAP is bringiing different groups together. Only the PAP is solving problems and planning for the future. Only the PAP is putting forth a vision for Singapore. In short, only the PAP truly cares for our people and the future of our children and grandchildren 

The Opposition does not see any duty to bring people together, solve problems and plan for the future. Every time we put out a popular policy, they say "Do More"  But they do not say How. They do not say whom they will "Take from", in order to "Give more." They do not articulate any vision for Singapore, because they say they cannot form the government.

In the meantime, the opposition tells people: Vote for me so that I can check on the PAP, and make the Prime Minister and his team work harder.

If everyone accepts what they say, we will only have politicians checking each other – and gridlock like in other countries. 

There is no running away from the truth: for every one more “checker” we have in the Parliament, there will be one less “doer, thinker and leader” in the Government, to serve the nation, to serve the people.

Eventually, there will be no PAP to check, no able team of ministers working and solving problems for Singaporeans, no progress for Singapore. That will be the last check, because it will be checkmate for Singapore!"

image : Fabrications About The PAP



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