Why I want to join PAP?

Our Pledge to Singaporeans!

Secretary General Lee Hsien Loong: “There are different voices now, louder voices, in our society, especially in the social media. 

Some mean well, and we must engage with them, persuade them to make common cause with us

Others try to mislead voters and this will lead Singapore into trouble…

The PAP must do that, only the PAP is bringing different groups together

Only the PAP is active in solving problems, planning for the future

Only the PAP is active in putting forth a vision and a roadmap for Singapore.

In short, only the PAP truly cares for our people and the future of our children and grandchildren

No other party does that better than the PAP!”


Overheard :

Yes, I do have many friends asked me why I want to join PAP?

My answer is because I want a better future for my children.

As a mother of 3 children, I want a government that is 
– a leader who knows how to lead, 
– a thinker who thinks about the survivor of the nation to give economy security
– a planner who plans for the nation’s future,
– a doer who does and delivers what is promised,
– last but not least…. A carer who cares for its people

I don’t need NATO; people who gives No Action, Talk Only.

I don’t need checkers, people who only want to do checking but don’t want to be responsible to think of how to solve issues.

And MOST OF ALL, I don’t want Sweepers, people who sweep things under carpet!




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