Do You want to Check Mate Singapore ?

image : People’s Action Party


Next GE will be a ‘deadly serious’ fight between PAP and opposition: PM Lee

By POSTED: 07 Dec 2014

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s next General Election (GE) will be a “deadly serious” fight between the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) and the opposition. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the GE will be crucial to Singaporeans, as it will be about who forms the government and not just how many seats the opposition gets.

Mr Lee, who is also the Secretary General of the PAP, was addressing about 2,000 cadres at the party’s 60th anniversary rally held at the Singapore Expo on Sunday (Dec 7). The PAP Party Conference is a biennial affair, and Prime Minister Lee said Sunday’s conference will likely be the last one before the next GE, which must be held by January 2017.

And in a rallying call to party members, Mr Lee said the next election is going to be critical. He said: “Every seat, every GRC, every SMC will be contested. Every seat, every contest will be a national contest, not a local one. Every seat is a general election, not a by-election.” Mr Lee urged members to fight for what they believe in, and for the hearts and minds of Singaporeans.

He added the election will be about whether Singapore continues to have a First World Government, not about a First World Parliament. Mr Lee argued that the vision of a First World Parliament set out by the opposition Workers’ Party during the last election in 2011 has turned out to be an empty promise.

Mr Lee said: “We don’t make empty promises, we deliver on what we say. When other people say First World Parliament, you don’t know what it means. When we say First World Nation, here we are!”

Mr Lee said that besides being a national party for all Singaporeans, the PAP is also a responsible party. He said: “When we face problems, we acknowledge them publicly, and deal with them. We don’t pretend there’s no problem, no comments, studying the matter, thinking about it, will clarify one day. We settle now! You lie low hoping the public will forget the issue, and the issue will go away, the public will forget you, and might as well go away.”

Mr Lee noted there are different and louder voices now in society, especially on social media. Some mean well, and the PAP must engage and persuade them to make common cause with the party. But, Mr Lee said there are others who will try to mislead voters, and this will lead Singapore into trouble. And the party has to counter, expose and defeat them.

Prime Minister Lee also said the opposition do not see their duty as being to bring people together, solve problems or plan for the future. This is because the opposition have not articulated any vision for Singapore, as they say they cannot form the government.

Mr Lee said the opposition have adopted this position because they are trying to avoid answering hard questions until they get elected. He also reminded cadres about the opposition parties’ strategy to ask Singaporeans to vote for them so they can act as a check on the PAP, and make the Prime Minister and his team work harder.

Mr Lee said that if Singaporeans accept this, Singapore will only see politicians checking each other, and there will be gridlock like in other countries. He added that for every one more “checker” in parliament there will be one less doer, thinker and leader in the government to serve the nation and the people.

“Eventually there will be no more PAP to check, there will be no more able team of ministers working and solving problems for Singapore, no progress for Singapore, no future for Singapore, and that will be the last check because that will be check mate for Singapore!” said Mr Lee.

Mr Lee urged party cadres to fight to win the election, and to win convincingly. He also urged them to win back the three constituencies held by the opposition Workers’ Party. He said PAP will reinforce the team further in the next General Election. The party has already identified many promising candidates including a few potential office holders.

A teacher checks on the student; the boss checks on the employee, the parent checks on the child…..

To check on someone’s work, one must first be more competent than that someone, must be able to do the job oneself; if not, at the very least, be more responsible & have more integrity; else, you’ll just a troublemaker.

<He added that for every one more “checker” in parliament there will be one less doer, thinker and leader in the government to serve the nation and the people.>


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