It will be tough to eradicate terrorism. But we will keep Singapore safe, if we work closely together.

Lee Hsien Loong   Lee Hsien Loong  <- link

Extremist terrorism is a serious, long-term problem. Met community and religious leaders this morning to discuss the ISIS threat. We updated them on what has been happening, and they shared their views on what all of us can do to protect ourselves.

Grateful to the Mufti and Malay/Muslim groups who have worked hard to counter ISIS propaganda. The Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) has produced a brochure ( and online videos to point out the fallacies of the ISIS Islamic Caliphate, and explain why their brutal methods are against Islam.

Glad that others – the Singapore Buddhist Lodge, Taoist Federation of Singapore and the Bright Hill Temple – have also contributed towards helping Syrian refugees.

It will be tough to eradicate terrorism. But we will keep Singapore safe, if we work closely together. 



Ng Eng Hen - Defence Minister  Ng Eng Hen – Defence Minister  <- link

<< Protecting our trust and harmony against extremists >>

The fight against terrorism by extremists must include winning hearts and minds. We need the community’s help to prevent radicalisation and rehabilitate those affected back into society. We also need community and religious leaders to keep the community together, if ever there are attacks, so that the trust between Singaporeans of different races and religions remains solidly intact. 

PM Lee Hsien Loong, together with a few of us Ministers, met about 300 community and religious leaders yesterday to talk about this challenge. Many of these leaders recognised how the threat of terrorism can cause doubts and sow divisions among communities. And that each of us has to stay vigilant and do what is necessary to protect Singapore and Singaporeans. Community and religious leaders expressed support for what the SAF is doing together with other nations to stop the threat posed by ISIS. It was a fruitful session and I am heartened by the unity and support expressed at the meeting.    – Ng Eng Hen


K Shanmugam Sc    K Shanmugam Sc  <- link

Attended PM’s dialogue with our community and religious leaders earlier this morning regarding the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. While these conflicts may seem distant, our region is not immune to terrorist acts and violent extremist ideologies – our people, community leaders and government must stay vigilant and work together to safeguard Singapore and Singaporeans from such threats.


Overheard :

  • 除暴安良,人人有责。
  • Thanks God, our PM and his team are always visionary, vigilant and proactive.
    Singapore and Singaporeans are well taken of, at all times by them.
    Let us not be complacent and do our necessary part too.
  • We must work together to preserve the hard fought harmony and social cohesion Singapore has achieved. This make us stand out not only in the region but the world.
  •  These words ” VIOLENT EXTREMEIST IDEALOGIST” are huge threats to all of us that embrace INCLUSIVE & PEACEFUL society through RESPECT for individual as a decent human being and UNITY as a citizen for our Nation.
  • Yes our PM is rite. We also must stop RACIST. Those Racist shld nt be in Spore. Those cannot tolerate with Funeral n wedding under voide deck shld also be out. As one unity Spore must always fight for our safety & secure our future. Those who also don’t want to learnt English shld take the English course as we sporean shld be united to converse ONE LANGUAGE that can be understand for all and keep our Mother Tongue among our family.


  • Dear PM, Sir. I attended the session yesterday and I’m appreciative of the effort thus far made by the government. 

    I believe that whatever the case is, our actions must always be based on right principles. And I believe that this is what the government has always been trying to do though at times it may be difficult.

    Another factor of paramount importance to me is the issue of knowledge. The true knowledge. And in this instance we understand that all who have become victims or are vulnerable to become victims of misguided/deviant ideology are those who do not attend any formal religious classes.

    When a person enters a dark room, he will not be able to see anything. But the moment it is lighted up, he will understand what is happening and what he should and should not do.

    I therefore believe that the effort to convey the true message of Islam through a structured, systematic way should reach to as many Muslims as possible so that they may be saved from any misguided/deviant ideology.


  • It’s good. We are with you. 
  • Mr PM LHL, thank you very much for your care and concern for Singapore and Singaporeans.
    You looked very tired and having a flu. Please rest well and take great care.
  • Sir it is not at all tough to eradicate terrorism…we just need stable and strong government like Singapore.


  • Mr Prime Minister, its good to have you as our leader. As a citizen, we will always be positive and supportive.
  •  No matter how terrorism is personified, it is and maintains to be latently disastrous.
    In this context, Mr Lee Hsien Loong as the Prime Minister, officially the political leader and head of the Singaporean government through this status and message of his has given evidence of not only inspiring leadership but exemplary statesmanship as well.
    He has had the Singaporean people seriously realize of the enduring present but not yet active, developed or visible danger which could be a threat too to his city-state.
    Aware of the fact that he and his government would not be able to face and overcome this problem on their own, he has motivated, encouraged his citizens and made rapprochement to face this challenge preventively nationwide at its earliest stage. Preventativity is far better than cure!
    Well done, Mr Prime Minister! You really have learned a significant lesson from the latest polls where PAP did not gain the landslide win as had been the tradition before. Experience is the best teacher. Keep close in touch with the Singaporean people. They deserve interpersonal contact with the government. Together the Singaporeans stand, don’t they?


  •  ISIS is a very dangerous elements in the universe, so every countries should step up their security to combat this terrorism led by ISIS. Singapore is a small nation n we have to be more vigilant n prepared. Our PM Mr Lee HL is very concerned n he always initiate to conduct talks n discuss with all the religious leaders to have a common mindset to eradicate this ISIS practices in our country. So we are the citizens of Singapore should stand united with government to fight against this terrorism led by ISIS.
  • Dear PM Lee
    Thank you that under your leadership, we are able to dwell in this peaceful nation.


  • Many Singaporeans (including me) are really thankful that we have capable government and leaders to lead and manage our country. I have never take it for granted of the security, peace and racial harmony that we have in Singapore. 

    Some of our people may feel that what is happening in other far away countries doesn’t affect us and feel that we should not get involve. It is definitely not the case. ISIS fighters came from many different countries and its ideology can be spread like a virus especially with internet and social media. Singapore is very small country and our people live very close to one another in a small city. If any terrorist successfully attack us in our homeland, the consequence will be very serious. We really cannot afford to wait for things to happen to us before we decide to do something. It can be too late. 

    Making a stand on the issue of ISIS and educating our people on this matter is definitely the right thing to do. Thank you Mr Lee and team. Salute to you for your dedication for our country and our people.


  • Which ever religion do we belong to, we all should stand against ISIS.

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