Any fair minded person should not support incompetent and self-serving opposition parties

Overheard 1 :

NEVER LIKE ‘PLAYING’ POLITICS, unless when the country is ‘self-destruct’ by incompetent and self-serving opposition parties and their narrow-minded followers.

This I have to say: DON’T throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater

We want credible political parties to make Singapore successful but not with current WP or oppositions. All their incompetencies thus far add to zilch! Objectively looking at them, any fair minded person should not support them.

It’s very easy to tear down Singapore. To rebuild it, don’t try – after tearing it down. You don’t know where we came from. To live through POOR Singapore, only then you can appreciate what we have.

Yes, we are definitely not a perfect country and will never will. We must support credible parties – be it ruling or upcoming parties.

Any thing less, we must be careful and safeguard what we already have – lest we throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater.

If we have credible party, sure go and support. But to support incompetent party just to spike the ruling one, what’s the point?

To satisfy your own self-interest and bring down Singapore?

Unless this is your intention. Let’s not play with the future of our small red-dot Singapore. To fail and hope to rise up again, don’t bet on it.

Overheard 2 :

Being incompetent is one thing. If they are willing to take responsibility & learn, maybe can still give chance. The worse is now they dun even take responsibilty & has zero integrity..all they do with all the misdeeds are to push the blame. Completely unacceptable.

Overheard 3:


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