Tan Chuan Jin Speaks Out On Viral Video


This was first raised to me by an online site who posted the video interview by Marcus Tan or Mohd Bin Japar, and thereafter, a number of you sent various links to me asking me to do something about the injustices done to him. I was quite puzzled by the approach he took especially as the complaint had been sent to us to investigate. MOM followed up on the matter. Since then, the individual appears to have regretted taking the actions he did and has withdrawn his claims. But look at the hate that has been generated.

In our work helping to find employment for individuals, we have come across those who have been made more bitter by others who egg them on by blaming others for their predicament. The negativity comes across in their interviews and it also gets in the way of them trying to improve oneselves…because after all, it was not their fault but someone else, so what is there to change and improve?

Some have taken to make public their rants only to regret subsequently. Unfortunately, these actions backfire as potential employers will be reluctant to take on these individuals. Some have shared with me that they will never hire someone like that because it reflects a certain attitude and values. The sad reality is that when searches are done on the background of the persons, it can surface up. These can be permanent online testimonials.

If there are violations, let us know and we will investigate. We have taken action and rectified the situation for many. However, there are also cases where there is no basis for the appeal. Some who do not want to accept the outcome have gone online.

Do be judicious. We do have the freedom to state what we want to and you are welcomed to do so. But do note that there can be consequences that can haunt us for a long time.

Tan Chuan Jin

Overhead from  netizen

  • Gilbert Goh intention was never to help. Like Roy, Han Hui Hui and Alex Tan, their goal is to exploit that little social spark trying to turn them into a inferno. Their ultimate goal is to bring down the government in the hope to gain power. Never mind that Singapore might collapse, never mind that people will be jobless, never mind that the country will be chaotic. All these people want is political power.
  • I’ve always believed that when we pull up our socks and do a good job, no boss would want to replace us. And for whatever reasons we need to find another job, there will be companies that will hire us. Most of us grew up in a tight labor market, and that is already to our advantage.If we do well, no one can steal our lunch. Don’t let whiners affect us.
  • Clearly, Mr Gilbert Goh, for all the perceived good intentions he wishes to portray to the general public, is an opportunist. He would rush to interview the so-called victims and make a post viral. But such posts are not balanced and these “victims” became real victims of Gilbert Goh’s “good” intention.
  • Isn’t a waste of MOM resource to investigate an allegation that turns out to be unfounded? The resource could been put into genuine cases.
  • seems like this is not the 1st time gilbert Goh tried to discredit businesses and backfired on him. What a liar!

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