Viral Video Guy Says Sorry

Did Gilbert Goh Coerce Marcus Tan? or
Did Marcus Tan make a mistake talking to Gilbert Goh?

What happened that Marcus Tan aka  Mohd Bin Japar fella who had to offer an apology to Cold Storage? He claimed that 7 Filipino staff surrounded him about some work dispute. If he is indeed aggrieved as he had described in the video, why would he have to apologise and state that “Cold Storage is a fair and inclusive”?  Not sure why he didn’t think through his actions clearly and just went to give an interview to Gilbert Goh.


This video posted by Gilbert Goh went viral online, and many people sympathized with Mr. Mohd Bin Japar.  The recording is quite bad, but you can watch it here


And we found out that Mohd Bin Japar is actually Marcus Tan, he introduced himself as Marcus Tan in the video and a netizen has also verified it.


And he eventually had to issue an apology for what he called a miscommunication… Lesson learnt is that it pays to think about whom you should trust and not just plunge headlong into something which may backfire, especially if it is not true…

This apology is not unusual as people who’s cases are reported by Gilbert Goh had to issue apologies.





There has been past incidents of family members demanding that Gilbert Goh remove postings as it’s untrue.

10572067_710234759013831_543752696188569965_o (1)

We just have to be careful with whatever Gilbert Goh has posted.  And be careful not to be made use of by him.



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