The terrorist activities by ISIS pose a threat to all Singaporeans, regardless of race or religion.

    Yaacob Ibrahim  <-

The terrorist activities by ISIS pose a threat to all Singaporeans, regardless of race or religion. Our decision to be part of the multi-national coalition against ISIS is primarily to protect Singapore and Singaporeans. Although based far away in foreign countries, we know that terrorist groups can pose a direct security threat to us through their efforts to export terrorism to this region. We cannot be complacent.

I know some of us may think that Islam and Muslims have been put in the spotlight again. But this move against ISIS cannot be interpreted as an act against Islam, or Muslims, because ISIS is not Islamic. Mufti, the Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers Association (Pergas) and the Religious and Rehabilitation Group (RRG) have joined international Muslim scholars and leaders in condemning ISIS unequivocally. They have all declared that ISIS’ radical teachings and actions have nothing to do with Islam. Islam upholds peace, the preservation of human life and its sanctity, and it is thus forbidden in Islam to wage war wantonly on others.

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), Malay/Muslim organisations, community leaders and the Government have worked very hard together for many years to combat radical teachings that abuse the name of Islam.

I strongly urge all communities to continue to work together so that our people are more informed, understand each other better, and are not easily swayed by inaccurate or provocative foreign or social media reporting. This way, we will emerge stronger as Singaporeans, united in our common goal for peace, understanding and harmony.

Overheard :
  • There’s just too much killing in the middle east, all in the name of their God (s). It is so hard to imagine how life is there. The social media postings are making us very biased in our opinions.Whats important in my opinion is that we do not become radicalized with these ‘skewed images’ and start plotting one against our own people in the region and destabilize communities.There are so many lies in this world that its hard to believe what is true anymore. May Allah grant us the Hidayah to see the truth.


  • The ISIS ideology; to make non-muslims submit by force and brutality poses a threat to all Singaporeans regardless of race or religion. This ideology is misrepresented as Jihad and is misleading followers from the Middle East to South East Asia and coercing them to take action against non believers.As worse as it gets, the Palestine-Israel conflict is a contained conflict between 2 countries. ISIS however exports terrorist to other countries and pose direct threat to every citizen in every sovereign nation.We must therefore stand united for peace and not let this threat divide us.


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