Their hearts BREAK when they are lied to….

   Tan Chuan-Jin <-

Not surprising.

We have been working with Cat Welfare Society on various fronts and plan to do more with them. Their volunteers do put in a lot of effort to help mediate, sort things out…Unfortunately, you have those who take advantage of the system and then use some media sites to trumpet their errant case and cause. It ends up wasting valuable time. And some use the threat of posting on these sites to pressure agencies, VWOs etc to do as they requested.

We recently saw one very public apology made on the alleged unfair treatment of a pregnant employee. The apology was made because legal action was taken. We also saw the student who blasted Starbucks only for it to backfire.

When there is no cost, some people will allege and claim anything. Without regard for consequences. And claim freedom of expression when challenged in any form. Society has to figure out what kind of discourse we want. Kids are growing up absorbing all this. And more.

We get the same in the Singapore Ministry of Manpower and our agencies. Where is valid, we will take action. Unfortunately, there are a number of fraudulent claims and it consumes valuable staff time away from genuine cases. When the indivduals do not get their way, they start threatening with abusive language and would cc to some online sites or opposition members, believing that that is one way to get the outcome they want.

No it doesn’t. But we will be happy to take note of your case history for future references.


What we found after investigating into the case.

Volunteers bust their gut to help cat owners, advocate for those faced with HDB action, sterilise, clean, assist to rehome and much more.Their hearts BREAK when they are lied to, given the run around because the owner won’t do the right thing to save their own cat.

We have it on good measure from MND mgmt that cat owners who are responsible will be left alone by HDB. 

If you feel you are responsible and yet still received a HDB letter, please write in to us. Take photos of your cats, your clean home and measures that keeps cats indoors and see your MP. 

A certain site has tried to paint an HDB siding with foreigner against Singaporean story on cats… all while posting a photo of the cat roaming on the corridor. The owner also admitted that theirs is a free roaming cat.

We have advised the person to keep their cat indoors and revisit this issue with MP and HDB.

This kind of reporting doesn’t even begin to help cat lovers. It makes wrongdoers feel vindicated and indignant for all the wrong reasons. Tolerance, responsibility, consideration for others applies to everybody, absolutely everybody.

If there are anyone complaining about cats for no valid reason, we want to know about them.



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