Josiah heard the call of duty and stepped up.

<<Josiah – Hearing the Call >>

From time to time, I get to meet people serendipitously. People whose life story uplifts and warms. Josiah Tan is one such example.

I met Josiah during my visit to the SAF’s Imagery Support Group (ISG); he was one of the NSFs serving there. Josiah did not need to be in that unit or, in fact, any unit. He was born deaf and was, appropriately, medically downgraded and exempted from National Service.

But at age two, life took a better turn for him. Josiah was among the very first Singaporeans to receive cochlear implants. It changed his life. Hearing impaired persons usually have problems with speech too, but Josiah speaks normally. In fact, he speaks very well and it’s because he could hear normally from very young.

When the time for NS enlistment came, Josiah, on his own, appealed for his medical status to be changed because he wanted to fulfil his duties and perform NS. Josiah went on to complete his BMT and is now serving at the ISG.

He is working in the team whose expertise we need when Singapore or countries in the region get hit by natural disasters.

Josiah heard the call of duty and stepped up.

– Ng Eng Hen

Overheard :

  • We’re humbled by our own best
  • A great Singapore son…admire!
  • Must be show cased at our 50th Nation Celebrations. The Making of a Nation.
  • Thats The Spirit Of Singapore Josiah
    Excel and Go Beyond our disadvantage into Good use
  • Wow Wow , Jia You, perseverance , determination & a fighting spirit ,pushes one forward …. to achieve greater goals in life
  • ISG, pls take care of this Singaporean Son! Josiah, we thank you for stepping up and be counted as part of the Int family.
  • Now that is a remarkable specimen of a extraordinary young man!

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