Why Is There So Much Negativity In Singapore?

Source – Why Is There So Much Negativity In Singapore? Oct 21, 2014

Obey Docu SS1
The pursuit of happiness is an endless and timeless one.

It also causes misery and frustrations. These can manifest in many ways: on the Internet it becomes bitter, vapid and nasty comments; and through our wallets it feeds into an endless cycle of consumerism.

That’s just two examples. It can be extremely fulfilling too, of course.

But for Singapore, it seems to have manifested in the stereotype it’s a nation of “complain kings”/”queens”, materialism, and an unfounded sense of entitlement.

Obey Docu SS2

It is simplistic to shrug some of these sentiments as #firstworldproblems, but these two statements can be traced from a study concluding Singapore as the “least emotional country in the world” – neither positive, nor negative.

But Singaporeans do think that this negativity needs to be addressed. This mini-documentary tackles that based on selected interviews with people from all walks of life.

Watch this mini-docu by Sean Ng, Caleb Quek and Nick Guan:

The interviewees comprise entrepreneurs, creatives, an undergraduate, and a hawker. They respond the pessimism, sharing their perspectives on the issue and how they relate to the wider narrative.

A persuasive counter-argument about the soul of the nation, a necessary and consolatory pat on the back , or a wake up call about happiness with a shift in perspective? You decide.

This was produced by Amok Films for the street wear brand Obey.

Nick from Amok Films share his thoughts on this initiative: “We felt it was important to counter to the stereotypical image of Singaporeans – complain kings/queens, materialistic, spoilt, paper chasers etc.

“There’s more to Singaporeans than this. We are way better than that. Therefore, we decided to focus our efforts on gathering opinions from positive Singaporeans making a difference – both big and small. Also, we were hoping to spur debate through our theme and interviewees.

“It’s crucial that we engage in debate and discussion to strengthen our identity as Singaporeans.”

Keeping it within the independent spirit of Obey, the mini documentary also features music from Singaporean artists Kevin Lester, DJ KoFlow and music labels Syndicate and Darker Than Wax.

Watch another inspiring story, ‘A Journey to Inspire’ by Peter Wall, about a young disabled female biker who goes on an epic road trip in Indonesia



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