Hong Lim Park Heckler, Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng will be charge on Monday…But it is the side story that will shock you.

Bloggers Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng, who led a protest march that disrupted a YMCA event at Hong Lim Park, turned up at the Police Cantonment Complex this morning.

Today Newspaper reported that Her lawyer M Ravi confirmed that Ms Han will be returning to the complex at 2.30pm to collect her charge sheet, and said she will most likely be charged on Monday with public nuisance.

TODAY understands Mr Ngerng and four others will also be charged with public nuisance, but it is unknown if it will also be on Monday.


Netizen response to Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng on Hong Lim Park heckling incident.

– These 2 should be put away super nuisance

– They don’t represent me. Throw these 2 out of Singapore . Getting sick of them

– Pls revoke her citizenship, she is not welcome here

Odd One Out

Among the unison condemnation of Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngnerng on the Hong Lim Park heckling incident, One single opposing voice stood out and provoked more anger among netizen.

This person said

“Han Hui Hui and Roy took real tangible actions and sacrificed themselves for Singaporeans. I am truly grateful and appreciative of their effort to speak truth to tyranny. They have shown me there are still courageous people who will do the right thing in a country where everyone is afraid of intimidation. Let the PAP hired trolls insult, your conscience is clear and you have my respect like Nelson Mandela. Please stand for elections one day and serve the people with the same indomitable spirit. One day when we get back our CPF, you will be legend. Thinking ahead of our times, you are the real reason why Singapore progress.

Who is Alex Tan Zhixiang?

This person is Alex Tan Zhixiang, the administrator of therealsingapore.com,  A site  that is known by netizen  for posting articles exploiting race and religion crack line in Singapore and  incite fear, hatred and xenophobia.

More interestingly Alex Tan Zhixiang was with Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng in the heckling of Special Needs Children in Hong Lim Park.

alex tan2
Image from Fabrications About The PAP

Who is Hong Lim Park Heckler’s lawyer

Yet, in another some what related news.

Han Hui Hui’s lawyer M Ravi faces fine over professional misconduct. The Lawyer’s Lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam urged the tribunal to consider Mr Ravi’s BI-POLAR condition which is now under control but which sometimes leads him to act uncharacteristically.

Image by from FLOP

Who is Hong Lim Park Heckler’s Adviser

In the latest development, Mr Leong Sze Hian who is widely known as the adviser of both Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng in the Hong Lim Park heckling incident made a call for donation and help.

Image by from


Netizen response to Mr Leong’s call for donation…

– You don’t even need to pay for bailing someone. Unless they jump bail… So when you want to raise money to bail someone, does that mean you know that they are jumping bail?

– even Roy ngerng and HHH’s families aren’t willing to bet 6k on their behavior.

– Do you guys know that you don’t need money to bail people out. You only need to pay if they jump bail..

– What happen to all the money he “scammed”?

– They have made the decisions to organize, to go ahead, to challenge, and to aggravate all by themselves. And now they want public funds for all the above?

– You might find them cunning. I find the public gullible.

– It’s strange that these 6 people have no family or relatives to bail them out. Some hidden motives behind this request?

– Is this appeal for donations legal? Is it for a charitable cause? Is it for a political cause? No! but to fight a criminal case?

– One party keeps breaking laws and get law suits while the lawyer keeps collecting fees from donations?


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