Let’s note take what we have for granted

“I am taken aback by the “entitlement” attitude of our young, and how they take many things for granted, such as clean water from the tap, a roof over their heads in a relatively safe environment, and opportunities to make good if they work hard.

I am aware that the authorities have made mistakes in the past. We have seen individuals in positions of power who were corrupt or arrogant, but there are those who have made tremendous sacrifices to get us to where we are today.

Let us not brush all these aside and forget where we came from. Let us not destroy what we have built up over the years by some impulsive emotional outbursts and angst fuelled by those who have their own agenda.

I will not be around for the next 50 years of Singapore’s history, but I encourage Singaporeans not to take for granted what we have now.” 

– Dr Quek Koh Choon, a medical doctor who is a member of the pioneer generation, who lived through the racial riots of the 1960s and served National Service during Konfrontasi

let_not_take it for granted


Overheard :

  • Because life has been good, the young has generally not need to make sacrifices as they grow up. Whatever sacrifice they have to make is generally of the sort like a lesser brand of smart phones.
  • I remember when I was really young then, there were occasional blackouts in my Estate. And instead of complaining, my parents would bring out the candles and torch lights and played “light saber” thru out the night.
    When the lights came back on, estate by estate lit up. It was a wonderful sight.

    Nowadays we complaint because the Internet went slow or the buses came late.
  •  Where I am right now, people cannot drink straight from the tap, the public bus is a dingy rickety small thing that can fit only 5 (bent over), there are no public transport, the drains are clogged and smelly, many people live in wooden huts etc and yet I don’t hear a word of complaint.
  • Well Said Indeed..! You are born, brought up, educated, play & worked..here all the while and yet you complained.. take a moment just to realized what was back then in ‘1965’.. “know the past, appreciate the present, look forward to the future” don’t just simply complain.. Ask yourself what you done.. what have you contributed collectively.. Cheers.
  • Asking a young oppie supporter to appreciate what we have is like asking a fish in the ocean to appreciate the water.
    They’ve been in it their whole life. Its only when its taken away and they are SUFFOCATING, then they’ll appreciate. In the meantime, they’re being lured by fishermen like Low Thia Khiang, who is promising them goodies if they just bite down on his hook. Little bit can liao. For ‘check and balance’.
  • 新加坡这个弹丸小岛,今天的辉煌成绩真的來之不易。
    希望大家,別为了私人恩怨而将新加坡这美丽的国家毀于一旦 。。。而你们,将成为子孫后代的罪人 !
  • Respect This Land!!!

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