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Meet Mr Long Yock Cye, back by 32 years of experience as a fireman and one who doesn’t let age get in the way of his job.

It takes a certain level of grit to put oneself in the path of flaming danger, but that has not deterred 55-year-old Long Yock Cye.

Having been with the Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore Private Limited for the past 32 years, Mr Long is determined not to let age stand in the way of the physical demands of his job as a Senior Leading Fireman.

Far from being desk bound, Mr Long’s daily tasks include patrolling the premises and manning the control room.

He also makes routine checks on fire equipment, and climbs up the high tower to inspect the water and foam tanks to ensure there are fire-ready.


To keep up with such physical pace, Mr Long works out for half an hour, three times a week. “I will jog about four to five kilometres. l understand. that  have to, keep myself physically and mentally fit to handle any situation” he shared.

Besides that, Mr. Long continues to embrace new fire-fighting technologies and fresh faces at the workplace.

A small fire can quickly turn into a blazing inferno. If you want to work in this line, you have to learn new technologies and understand what you are going against.

“I’m also keen to share my learning experiences and pointers with new incoming colleagues. It is important they know the potential hazards of our work and how to react when a situation arises,” he explained

Painting a realistic picture, Mr Long admitted that it will be tough to stay in this job at his age. But for now, he remains optimistic about his employment with the company.


Fellow fire-fighting colleague Lim Peng Hong was the one who submitted Mr Long’s photo and story to the Labour Movement’s ‘Appreciating U – Our Mature Workers’ photo contest.

In the entry, Mr Lim commended how Mr Long is still ever-ready to take up the physical demands of the job and impart experiences to younger colleagues.

Mr Lim also revealed that it was Mr Long who showed him the ropes when he joined the company 10 years ago.

“He is open-minded, easy going and welcoming to new colleagues. He is always ready to lend a helping hand, ” Mr Lim commented.

He added that Mr Long continues to pull his weight and doesn’t slack when it comes to manual or team work, despite his age.

“Over here, we have a catchphrase for the young colleagues. If Mr Long can do it, so can you, ” Mr Lim shared.



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