Who are the Winners and Losers of Hong Kong’s Occupy Central Movement


Having lived in Mainland China for 7 years, I bring a different perspective to this argument. I have traveled to Hong Kong numerous times over those 7 years and always had nothing but respect and admiration for Hong Kong….

1. Why this American Expat is 100% against the Protests in Hong Kong


We all know how it started. Does anyone know how it’s going to end? No. Occupy Central organisers who initiated the civil disobedience have become side acts. The students who turned the Occupy movement into an uprising won’t end it unless their impossible demands are met. Democracy camp legislators dare not march out of step with the students. And the Leung Chun-ying administration has retreated into its bunker….

2. Hong Kong needs democracy realists, not dreamers


The upheaval sweeping Hong Kong is more complicated than on the surface it might appear. Protests have erupted over direct elections to be held in three years’ time; democracy activists claim that China’s plans will allow it to screen out the candidates it doesn’t want….

3. China is Hong Kong’s future – not its enemy


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