Revoking Han Hui Hui citizenship received almost 4000 signature in less than 4 days. But the Reasons of Signing will shock you!

Indeed, the call to revoke Han Hui Hui’s citizenship is one of the most successful petition in Singapore. It received almost 4000 signature in less than 4 days.  And the number is still growing rapidly. Despite Han Hui Hui and her supporter desperate attempt to  look for scapegoat pointing fingers at SPF, Npark, YMCA, Parents, Minister Teo and even the Emcee to  justify her action, netizen generally are not convince at all.

Look at the Reaons of Signing and you will be shock


Petition · Revoke Han Hui Hui's Singapore Citizenship! ·


2 comments on “Revoking Han Hui Hui citizenship received almost 4000 signature in less than 4 days. But the Reasons of Signing will shock you!

  1. Joker says:

    Well, all these just works fine for Han Hui Hui and Roy. Han Hui Hui is no idiot. She knows what she wants and her endgame is not something many would have imagined. Years back she was a nobody flicking odd stuffs on her website. Then she accidentally gain some popularity when she accused some private schools and in fact claimed she set examination papers. She promptly got a roosting in hardware zone. Fortunately for her CPE got offended by her comments and issued her a legal notice. She went to Ravi and overnight become a popular anti-government figure. Soon her tune changed too. She started fighting about just about anything but did not gain any traction till she hit the mother load with the the CPF issue with Roy. While basking in her much coveted limelight she traveled to European countries and laid some foundation there. Well at the end of the day, with the revoke her citizenship issue the endgame is near. She will leave Singapore and seek political asylum elsewhere. She is now trying to model herself in the likes of the others who have fought against the government and had to leave the country. But folks please don’t make a hero out of a fake loonely

  2. tsseak says:

    I am signing this because I detest her behavior. There are so many issues in her own country and why don’t she go back to her own country to champion the cause instead of creating a ruckus here and telling blatant lies about the unreasonable treatment of her by the police. HHH, you are already no longer a welcome person in Singapore judging by the numbers who petition to revoke your citizenship. So don’t be a thick skin and overstay your welcome. Get out of Singapore and thankfully, Singaporeans(and maybe u) will be happier without u here.

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