Parent and Volunteers Spoke Out – Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerg’ gang heckle YMCA saga


  • One parent of special kid speaking out against the harassment caused by Roy Ngerng and gang. And I feel for him.


  • Wow, played a national day song when someone was singing on stage. How disruptive And they have the audacity to wave the Singapore flag while frightening children and disrupting a charity event. That’s extremely offensive.
  • We have a lot of first hand testimonies on how the protest disrupted YMCA’s event! Time for SPF to take action.
    Count their lucky stars that Christian organizations generally refrain from suing one another. I am pretty sure that YMCA holds good ground if ever they were to sue Triple H.
  • Many people like the spectators at the YMCA event can testify the chaos when HHH and Roy and their protest followers went around shouting and screaming disturbing the audience !


  • now who is the bully ? These children have spend so much time practicing and today is their big day.
    All thanks to the HHH and Roy , their day are ruined !
  • If i’m there, i dun know what i will do for e kids but for sure it’s not gonna be pretty as those hooligans need to be taught a lesson to break such innocents hearts!!!
  • I’m so sad for those kids and their families. So scary for them. And socially must have really confused them. This will have a lasting effect.
  • 看见 HHH 咄咄逼人时,真的是很心寒!

    表面上是替新加坡人向政府讨公道,然而却诅咒我们的国父,漠视我国的政策,态度野蛮对待 N park 行政人员和警察。。。还有小孩是无辜的,你们都不放过!
    请大家摸摸自己的良心,抛开政治和私心不谈,政府真的有骗我们的 CPF 吗??有吗?
  • They are not stupid per say, they are without compassion. People without compassion is the worse kind ever cos they do not know how to love. People who do not know how to love will never do things for people, they only do things for themselves.

    Sat back & thought for a moment, look at these people & what they are trying their best to convince people to get what is suppose to be ours. Then I look at them after what they have done to the kids. These A**holes are smacking themselves in their face! There they are ignoring the enormous efforts put in by those innocent kids & trying to get support from us???
    Oh gosh, i wish i was there!!!

  • The relevant Authority must take a tough and no nonsense stand and not to adopt the weak and soft stand. It is no point to be appalled or dismayed if the stand taken is the convenient, soft and weak stand. This incident is partly the fault of the government for having adopted the convenient, soft and weak stand in the past and even currently. Hence this is the reality.
  • In all honesty, the kid performers and people at the YMCA are innocent ones, for Roy and HH to do such thing, it is an utter disgrace. They can always do it after the YMCA event, or even so use the demarcated areas on their side. I’m sorry Roy and HH, though you maybe fighting for the ‘right cause’, your behaviour is just over the edge, you’ve lost the battle even before it began.



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