Have we got it wrong, there was no clash, it’s All PLANNED !?! -Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerg’ gang heckle YMCA saga

Overhead :
Today’s Sunday Times quoted HHH as saying to reporters that they had actually planned ‘not to do anything physical to them’ and they only wanted to spread their mesaage.

Wow! So they did plan to do something to the YMCA event except that doing physical harm was not part of their plan. That’s evil. Now you know why she refused to move to the space allocated for her event and insisted on staying in the same spot as YMCA

Image source link from Straitstimes-> Special needs children heckled as Hong Lim Park rallygoers disrupt charity carnival


   Denise Phua Lay Peng PAGE

I did not realise that some of our special school students were at the YMCA Hong Lim Concert with their teachers on Saturday afternoon. Then the news came from teachers that CPF protestors were marching round the Concert venue and disrupting the children’s programme.
I heard while the kids were not physically harmed, many were alarmed, confused and disturbed by the unexpected unruly turn of events.
The teachers too were affected.

How do such unkind and unruly behaviours help in resolving issues of concern to the protesters?

I pray this will not happen again. Courage to speak up for one’s rights ought to be balanced with consideration for the needs and interests of others.
Overheard : 
  • Well said Mdm. Was appalled by the actions of those who disrupted the event. What the kids were doing has nothing got to do with their agenda.
  • They actually set people against their cause. They cause harm to Singaporeans – they seem to think they are more Singaporean than others??? It doesn’t make sense.
    Seems like a personal agenda against the some people. – not really speaking for Singaporeans. Sad.
  • I am disturbed with this development and am disappointed with the behavior of these actors. While I welcome alternative voices in shaping our country, voices made must be accompanied by deeds and actions. The park is more than sufficient to hold 2 separate events, the lack of graciousness is telling. I hope the children are recovering well from the unpleasant experience and actors involved can learn much from this….
  • It’s about ethics… Manners obviously was not part of their lifestyle… Ethics is part of common sense… Everything we do to a degree effects others. It’s a clear lack of logic and ethics that makes this age less ethical in their methods… Selfish people…. Only thinking of their own agenda
  • may the children not be harmed and may the parents feel empowered to protect them – Singapore should be a gracious society and people should be tolerant and caring
  • We owe these kids another chance to perform , and madam , do you think we can have another concert for them and yes we will support !!



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