Joint statement from the police and National Parks Board- Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerg’ gang heckle YMCA saga

 Source CNA ->  Hong Lim Park saw two events held at the same time today, resulting in some unsavoury scenes.  27 Sep 2014

SINGAPORE: Hong Lim Park saw two events held at the same time today, resulting in some unsavoury scenes.

A group protesting against the CPF scheme were seen marching round a YMCA carnival at the Park. They held placards and shouted slogans, frightening those at the carnival and disrupting performances, including those by special needs children.

The YMCA said it had received approval for its event in April. A joint statement from the National Parks Board (NParks) and the police said the application to use the Park was first received from YMCA and approval was given to YMCA on Sep 9. Meanwhile the application from the anti-CPF protest organiser Han Hui Hui, who is also a blogger, was received on Sep 22. It was approved on the same day.

The YMCA event was attended by the elderly and disabled, with performances by children. The general secretary of YMCA Singapore, Mr Lo Chee Wen, said the YMCA Proms @ the Park is an annual event held at public parks in Singapore. Last year, it was held at the Botanic Gardens. The event aims to promote corporate social responsibility by matching organisations with voluntary welfare organisations.

Participants of the protest rally ended up marching around the YMCA event at least four times.

The protesters also got close to Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck, who attended the YMCA event. Mr Teo gamely greeted them and shook hands with some, despite having vulgarities hurled at him by the CPF protestors.

In a joint statement, the police and National Parks Board said: 

“Speaker’s Corner in Hong Lim Park is designated by the Government as an area for public speaking and demonstrations. Application to use the park was first received from YMCA and approval to use the park was given to YMCA on Sep 9. Ms Han’s application was received on Sep 22 and approval was granted to Ms Han on the same day.

In anticipation of the crowd this afternoon, NParks demarcated and allocated space for both events. There are two lawns at Hong Lim Park, and each event was allocated a lawn. NParks and SPF approached Ms Han to request her cooperation to speak at the allocated space.

We regret to note that Ms Han did not heed our advice and continued to hold her event at the same lawn as YMCA. Ms Han’s group encroached into the YMCA event area, holding placards and shouting slogans, disrupted performances and frightened participants, including special needs children who were performing at the charity event. The Police will be conducting investigations into this incident.”

In response to media queries, the Ministry of National Development said: “Multiple events have been held on the same date at Hong Lim Park previously. For example, Pink Dot 2013, anti-haze speech and protest against LTA cross island MRT Line events happened on Jun 29 2013.”


mages source  : Fabrications About The PAP

image source from the net

Overheard :

  • Such thuggish behaviour seen in Hong Lim Park today. Such a sad day for Singaporean society that politics must come before humanity and charity. Remember, these are the people whom the opposition parties support!
  • Finally! The police will be on the case!! Can a Citizenship be revoked? I wld like it revoked! I’m sure more than enough people will be willing to pay for HHH’s one way bus ticket out of here, back to Malaysia where she belongs!
  • And so, mata now coming in liao. I am sure there is some law somewhere to say that you cannot go to someone’s concert and just yell. Speakers’ Corner is not a yelling corner.
  • With a certain kind of people, when you give them enough rope, eventually they hang themselves.
  • Let the investigations proceed. But these incidents are so well-documented on video that it should be quite straightforward.
    If Han Han Hui is found guilty, she should be arrested, charged and prosecuted.
  • 台上一分钟, 台下十年工。。 。
    Children practice hard for their performance and the applaud from the ground will give them greater confident in doing things the next time.
    Quite sad to see some protester  interrupting event for special needs children…


  • Goodness! What in heaven’s name happened in Hong Lim Park today? Who is this Han Hui Hui? I been watching the video of her altercation with the parks guy and the police and I have to say she is pretty damn rude. If she thinks she’s being heroic in standing up to the big bad authorities on camera, she better think again. What has happened to live and let live? One part of park taken, go to another part – is that so difficult? This is a concert by kids, and whatever your political inclination, there’s no call to go frightening the children by heckling and marching around.

    If the Return my CPF lobby is intent on showing up the G as the bad guy who won’t listen and bullies everyone, then they should look at themselves at the mirror. Not much better than the people they criticise.



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