Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerg’ gang heckle YMCA Annual Event at Hong Lim Park

Overheard :

So let’s have a look at what happened here:

1) YMCA requests for a permit in December 2013 and it gets approved in February 2014

2) YMCA posts a Facebook post on 20 JUNE requesting for volunteers for YMCA Proms @ the Park, stating a date of 27 September 2014 and a TENTATIVE time of 12pm-6pm 

 YMCA of SingaporeYMCA of Singapore  <-

June 20 ·

We are looking for volunteers for the annual YMCA Proms @ the Park! Volunteer openings include ushers, carnival helpers, stagehands, logistics helpers, traffic marshalls and befrienders.

Date: 27 September 2014
Time: 12pm-6pm (TBC)
Location: Hong Lim Park
Other Information: Volunteers will have to attend a briefing at YMCA on either 10 or 17 September 2014

For more information or to register, kindly email volunteer@ymca.org.sg.

About YMCA Proms @ the Park
Through YMCA Proms @ the Park, YMCA seeks to promote corporate social responsibility by matching corporations with voluntary welfare organisations for an outdoor concert and picnic, with the aim of bringing cheer to the beneficiaries through various performing arts and interaction with volunteers in a carnival-like setting. YMCA Proms @ the Park also allows corporations to experience and embrace corporate volunteerism by mobilising their staff to volunteer for a day in serving the less privileged.

3) Han Hui Hui organises #ReturnMyCPF – Jobs way after that (around 23 August or before)
Han Hui Hui created the event.
August 23
link ->  ReturnMyCPF event

4) Realises that the day before, calls YMCA “PAP supporters”, and says that the “PAP supporters” moved their event directly to disrupt their pointless march (supposedly from 10am-12pm to 2pm-8pm) (which is TOTALLY FALSE, by the way) 
Link – > 
A picture is worth a thousand words

5) Rallies supporters to come and disrupt YMCA event
Refer to this link for videos ->  Hong Lim Park protestors heckle special needs children from YMCA

Totally disgusting. These are the scum of our society.


mage source : Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties (FLOP)




Mr Teo Ser Luck has been surrounded by the marching of H3 & Roy gang, he stays cool. The last hour when he was with the folks.


overheard :

  • Some cameramen from the protest stuck their high powered lens camera while Mr Teo was speaking to some friends of the public. I think they have no concept of respect from these camera people.


overheard :

  • Sibei no standard. Doing this to fellow singaporeans. This is no different from mafia or hooligans.
  • I am appalled!!!!!
    These kids must have invested time and effort to prepare for today’s performance and it’s ruined by Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng.
    It takes a lot of courage to perform for an approving crowd, but these kids have a crowd holding placards and shouting.
    Sad sad day for Singapore at Hong Lim Park.
  • Sad indeed. If these idiots can’t even spare a thought for special needs kids when granted a Hong Lim Park permit, just imagine the destruction they can wreak once given more power.
  • Really, don’t blame the authority if this is the last time they are issued anymore permits. Simply trouble-maker. It took Chee SJ so many years to realise civil disobedience is not welcomed here, yet the three stooges are going down this path.
    And I tell you, all the opposition leaders staring at this MUST BE CONCERNED, more than PAP, because now oppies have a very bad name. 
  • Such distasteful hooliganism has no place in our political arena. It’s a shame!
  • This is totally disgusting. These are special needs kids leh. Wahlau! These protesters are really losers.
    Claim to fight for Singaporeans but look at them! They are not fighting for Singaporeans.. they are terrorising Singaporeans!
  • Those looney Stooges are hardly any politician wannabes… simple a Trouble Maker! If they understand the event organised by YMCA is abt, they would not behave like Hooligans, shouting and ranting at those poor kids…
  • She (HHH)  is an utterly selfish little liar. And she’s perfectly happy to destroy a long planned day for children and adults with special needs and the underprivileged to feed her bizarre ego. Appalling behavior. She should be thoroughly ashamed of herself. ”
  • There you have it.
    I can imagine how many hours of training these kids with special needs put in plus the courage to perform on stage. And you have Roy Ngerng shamelessly waving our national flag and arousing his supporters to heckle.
    Shame on you, Roy and Han. You just made the decision so much easier for citizens who are considering if we should have more oppositions to help run the country.



3 comments on “Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerg’ gang heckle YMCA Annual Event at Hong Lim Park

  1. Jason says:

    People say learn from others’ mistakes… these imbeciles obviously didn’t learn from Dr Chee’s. But then again, Dr Chee is noble (stupid some may say) because he had heaps to loose and he lost most of it for his cause – some form of martyr of sorts if you wanna consider it that way. These punks have nothing to loose. They just want a piece of the game… but they have no chips in this high roller table.

  2. Nemo says:

    Utterly disgraceful. A civil rights group disrupting a charity show held by special needs children? Regardless of political beliefs, we are all first and foremost human beings. The Roy Ngerng gang has been so blinded by their anti-PAP agenda that they have failed to see what they are becoming.

  3. carlinn chu says:

    Really those kids who look forward to perform in public and show their talent, with this bunch of hooligans and new citizen HHH in public and a real disgrace to Singaporean .
    Probably she do not understand our S’pore life style. Better send her/family back where she belong with no respect n manners.

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