“Thank you PM Lee. I’m truly honored” Mr Chong Yu Lun, producer of “Dao Sha Pia”

June 14

“Going through the tough times in Army made us realise how precious things around us in our lives really are.

Realise. Appreciate. Cherish.”

This is short clip contributed by 3SG Chong Yu Lun. It was produced with the help of his instructors during his Basic Military Training.

#FathersDay14 #OurSgArmy


Published on Jan 19, 2013

Dao Sha Pia (Tambun Biscuit in English)
Awarded Best NE presentation


Lee Hsien Loong   ->  Lee Hsien Loong shared The Singapore Army’s video.

Enjoyed Dao Sha Pia, a short film by Chong Yu Lun. I met him recently, at the Istana National Day Observance Ceremony. He is serving NS in the Presidential Guards Platoon of the Military Police Command.

Dao Sha Pia is a tale about a father and son. Told simply, it warmed my heart, and would resonate with our National Servicemen too. NS can be tough, but it helps us realise what is important in life, especially our families. I hope you will enjoy this short film too. – LHL




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