Older worker data should be seen in context

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Recently, there was an ST report that the number of older workers earning below $1,000 per month has doubled over the last decade. But did you know that:

1. we have an ageing population, so the overall number of older workers actually increased by more than three times over the same period?
2. the number of older workers earning $1,000 or more per month has quadrupled in the past decade?
3. the proportion of those earning below S$1,000 has fallen from 57% to 36% over the same period?

Read more in our clarification here:

Older worker data should be seen in context

Ms Radha Basu’s article and headline (“35,000 older workers earn less than $1,000”; last Sunday) cited the Ministry of Manpower’s figures erroneously.

The fact is that the total number of older workers has grown by more than three times in the past decade. This is due to many factors, among them, our ageing workforce, our tight labour market and the Government’s efforts to boost the employability of older workers.

It is also important to emphasise that while the absolute number of workers earning less than $1,000 has risen, their proportion set against the total pool of elderly workers has, in fact, fallen sharply – from 57 per cent in 2003 to 36 per cent last year.

In contrast, the number of elderly workers earning above $1,000 has more than quadrupled in the past decade.

We have an ageing population and workforce in Singapore.

Citing statistics without providing their proper context, coupled with your headline and opening paragraph, paint a false picture of the overall state of our elderly population.

Musa Fazal
Divisional Director
Income Security Policy Division
Ministry of Manpower


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