What is ASPIRE ?


    Heng Swee Keat  <-

How do you learn best? Is it the exact same way that your friend, schoolmate, or colleague learns? We all learn in different ways, at different paces. If we work hard and keep learning, should any of us be made to feel differently about ourselves because we learn in a different way from others?

When we understand that we all learn in different ways, we can better help our young Singaporeans discover their interests and talents, help them build their skills, and prepare them to succeed.

We can do this with 3 shifts in our thinking about learning and jobs.

First, we must have a stronger emphasis on skills and applied learning, so that our students can use knowledge in the real world context to solve problems and to create innovations.

Second, learning must be continual and lifelong, instead of just being frontloaded in the first 20 odd years of our lives.

Third, as young Singaporeans differ in their interests, temperament, aptitudes and learning styles, we must encourage multiple pathways for development, in study and at work, and respect every person and every job.

That’s why I’m happy to say that the Government has accepted in full the recommendations of the SMS @Indranee Rajah’s ASPIRE Committee. Her committee of business, community, and education representatives consulted many stakeholders – employers, workers students, parents, lecturers in polytechnics and ITE – and produced a very timely, thoughtful and thorough report
( -> http://moe.gov.sg/aspire).

The Government will take up their recommendations to:
– Equip students to make better Choices;
– Enable students to develop deeper Skills; and
– Promote multiple Pathways in education and career.

This is a major transformation in our education and career landscape. It will take many years, and individuals, employers, government and society working hand in hand, to bring about.

If we all work hard together, if we always remember to respect and value every individual, I believe we can create many more exciting opportunities for young Singaporeans. I want to see young Singaporeans who are proud of their choices and their abilities, who never stop learning and being better, who stand tall because they do their best for themselves, their teams and their loved ones. All of us can do our part to create a society that values each individual based on his passions, his talents, his character, rather than judging him by qualifications or grades alone.

My sincere thanks to Indranee and her committee for their time and dedication to this review, and my thanks too to everyone who will join us in creating paths to a bright future for all.



    Lee Hsien Loong  <-

At my National Day Rally, I spoke about creating more opportunities for polytechnic and ITE graduates to upgrade, beyond their poly and ITE education.

SMS Indranee Rajah‘s ASPIRE committee has been studying how to give students better choices, deeper skills training, and more paths up. With support from parents and employers, ASPIRE’s proposals will help students to succeed in areas that match their interests and strengths.

This video, produced by Nanyang Polytechnic students, explains what ASPIRE seeks to do. – LHL

#ndrsg #WeAspire


The ASPIRE Animation video

Published on Aug 17, 2014

What is ASPIRE? Let students from Nanyang Polytechnic show you what it’s about through animation.

Tan Wan
Leong Qian Yi Emilee


One comment on “What is ASPIRE ?

  1. Alvin says:

    i feel the aspire committee did not look at students who are university bound and who chose polytechnic route but qualified for JC. These students knew what what they are interested in subjects and career but are being swayed to work first before getting their degree. I am referring to the top 30% to 40% of the cohort who actually qualified for JC. Is the Goverment to delay their aspirations of getting their degrees at a later stage of their life.

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