The reason you can use your property to pledge towards your minimum sum

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Gosh. Ignorance abounds and people make their own wrong assumption. Some people think that pledging your property is equal to mortgaging your property and by the time you die, your property is gone also and they would have no flat left to pass on to their children. Goodness me.

I think someone needs to explain to these people that this is not so.

When you pledge your property, the money you set aside in your retirement account (RA) is correspondingly smaller.

This means your monthly payout when you reach 65 will also be correspondingly smaller. Your property is still 100% belonged to you.

The reason you can use your property to pledge towards your minimum sum is because your property is considered as part of your retirement nest egg that can generate income for you to be used for your retirement.

And PM has also elaborated on the number of ways your flat can generate income for you for your retirement use:

1. by renting out a room for income;
2. by moving in to live with your children and then renting out the whole flat for income;
3. by right sizing and moving to a studio apartment and receive a silver housing bonus.


Overheard overheard :

  • sometimes one just doesn’t get it… Simi sai also PAP fault.
    Govt is also made of HUMAN.

    govt suggest… says govt smart..
    Govt keep money for their lifetime spending, say govt eat money,

    sometimes wonder what do these people really want?


  • Don’t you all see the way they intentionally twist and turn the facts to mislead those who are not in the know
    This is precisely their tactics to confuse people and create dissatisfaction with the government


  • It is depressing when after so much explanation from so many people and so many quarters, people are still making the same old comments and coming up with new lies.


  • You can be depressed although you are a patriotic citizen because you are human.
    Those who relentlessly produce lies at every turn, have larger objectives.
    They are able to carry out their task void of emotions day in day out because of their sinist
    er agendas

    Our duty is to counter them, out explain them, out last them
    And be prepared to do it day in day out for a long time to come
    You may or may not be recognised for yr patriotism, but you will not live in vain, knowing you have done your utmost to keep our country safe from those evil sinistic forces.



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