So, what’s the point of running a country, Singapore, so successfully ?

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Overheard  :

The usual oppies heads busy tearing down everything PM Lee announced yesterday with new lies.

– For allowing up-to-20% lump sum withdrawal after 65 from within the MS, they are starting to mislead public that G quietly changed the CPF withdrawal age from 55 to 65 (note: members who have more than MS can still draw out that amount in a lump sum at 55);

– For allowing 4-room flat owners an option for lease buy back, they are starting to attack the G for forcing people to sell off their “homes”;.

– For giving a massive push for better career prospects for the ITE and poly grads, they are starting to attack the G for keeping the Univ places for foreign students;

– For creating a new park at Jurong Lake, they say it will be mainly occupied by the Banglas FWs on Sunday;

– and the list goes on and on.

So what’s the point of running a country so successfully that who to pick up a stick of fish balls becomes one of the talking points in a NDR, yet allowing a few oppies to tear down everything?

And in case you think we can just ignore alternative websites, I can tell you almost everyone is reading it.

And we are doomed.


 overheard  overheard  :

  • They are the lousy ‘check-&-balance’ alternative sites, so we can’t expect to find any gold nuggets coming from them lah. Only more troubled & angry after reading their comments. Just don’t know whether they have understood what PM had shared last night or not. Even if have questions, they should remind the readers to approach all concerns rationally & encourage them to approach their MPs if in doubts. This is then what I think is a good critical approach to life questions.


  • they are really ‘checks and balance’ lor. Govt say good things, they must say shit stuff to balance, otherwise the world will lose its equilibrium, because of them, we appreciate the govt’s efforts even more.


  • Whether you like the idea of transforming the place or not, I think it is always great, or at the least, harmless, to have another nice place to go. But haters will live up to their names. You will see the few regular oppies making very stupid comments. Of course they are not stupid – they put in so many hours of their precious lives to squat in front of their PC/phones with the sole intention to put down everything the government wants to do.Why should we let these oppies set the agenda?


  • I am actually ok with WP until I read those -ve & unfair remarks about govt/SG, such as SG no longer safe etc.This is not true & that gave me a very bad impression, as WP should voice up & tell their supporters not to talk bad about SG online. So now I am here to support govt.


  • Unfortunately, the popular “band-wagoning” trend does point toward a “doom-ish” future for Singapore. That however, might be preventable if the younger generation can open up their minds & hearts. The problem in general, nowadays, is that the younger generation is more self-centered than the previous generation, and even with globalization, surprisingly more myopic.


  • In my opinion, it all started from my generation X, sad to say. When it used to be the elders giving sound advice to their young, it is mostly the other way round coz my generation is supposed to be more educated than our parents.At the same time, as parents, we the gen X, responsible for imparting values to our children, r unfortunately a self centered lot ourselves & that’s what our young learn.

    Nonetheless, much as we may feel frustrated n disappointed, dun take it hard. At the end of the day, if the the majority of us r so easily taken in by the lies, so be it. So long as our leaders n those with a clearer head hv done the best of our capability.




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