Lease buyback will be extended to 4 room flat owners #NDRSG



Lease buyback will be extended to 4 room flat owners as well.

The Enhanced Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS) is an additional monetisation option to help low-income elderly households in 3-room and smaller flats to unlock part of their housing equity while continue living in their homes, and receive a lifelong income stream to supplement their retirement income.

Under the Enhanced LBS, the elderly flat owners sell part of their flat lease to HDB and retain a 30-year lease. Their proceeds from selling part of the flat lease will be used to top up their CPF Retirement Accounts (RAs). Flat owners will use their full CPF RA savings to purchase a CPF LIFE plan to give them a monthly income for life.

For more info – Maximise your finances with your flat 


Overheard :

  • Our HDB flats are really asset to provide roof over our heads and a golden nest for retirement. I may not take the lease buyback scheme – but I wholeheartedly welcome and support the initiative to provide the retirees and seniors more options
  • 知道我的四房组屋又多了一层的保障,还是养老资产这的是让人安心许多



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