ASSURANCE IN RETIREMENT: 4 key points from PM’s speech


 ASSURANCE IN RETIREMENT: 4 key points from PM’s speech –

1. CPF and home ownership go hand-in-hand in providing for your retirement.
2. The current Minimum Sum is not too much.
3. If you own a house, you only need to set aside half of the Minimum Sum – or $77,500 – for those who turned 55 this July.
4. You have many options to get money from your house.
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Overheard :
  • For those of us with children, our children would already have their own home by the time we retire, while we want to leave our home to our kids, they probably don’t need it. So monetizing parts of it for our own retirement, will relieve some pressures that our children feel.


  • Actually if one were to read up, one will know that the min sum is inclusive of our property as well. But yet people like to listen to the likes of RN.


  • Thank you PM, no doubt my wife and me may not benefit from this new scheme, however, I can see it is a good scheme which will benefit the majority Singapore family who help built this nation to where we are today. No doubt we cannot please everyone, there are still room for improvement, the objective to make this place called home is very clear to me. this government is 用心良苦 ah!


  • Excellent speech, as usual. It makes me v proud to be a Singaporean. Our leaders have the vision to make Singapore a better place n better home for all. God bless Singapore n our leaders.


  • No policy is perfect and not all will appreciate but the fact that our government try their very best and work with the good intention to make our nation a great home for all deserves our support. Not many Asian countries are so blessed.


  • This scheme really will benefit my parents!


  • Pledging property is something a lot of people don’t know about. It needs to be repeated until dream also remember


  • Many people kept thinking that the government is holding back their money. Hopefully, this presentation will clear up the misconception. I do think that there is a silent group of us who think that the minimum sum is insufficient. While the government will put some safeguards to help us, In addition to CPF, we do need to be responsible for our retirement as well.



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