Growing old does not necessary mean feeling old

Overheard from Serene Wong

Growing old is part of life’s processes….

However, growing old does not mean one need to feel old & useless.

Rather tune your mind set to tell yourself, you are a priceless gem as you have conquered many life challenges and had survived.

Share your experiences with the younger ones, share in a manner where they can understand the pain and the courage you took to undergo those challenges so they may leverage on your experiences and walk their life differently and better than how you have done it.

Lastly… be responsible for your own life, own health for a healthy you is the best present for your children and yourself.

A healthy you means less burden for your children and a healthy you means a happier and able you to share life with your children and grandchildren.

Thank you Government for looking into the care of these priceless gems.


  link ->  Lim Swee Say

Growing old does not necessary mean feeling old. NTUC set up U-LIVE five years ago to encourage 70,000 union members aged 55+ to live a H2P2 life: happy & healthy, productive and purposeful.

The number has reached 155,000 members today and is still growing by 1,300 every month.

To do more and do better, we launched the Active 55+ program at the annual U-LIVE symposium.

Wishing all our active agers a H2P2 life 🙂




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