To WP, Chen Jiaxi : Mr Lee Kuan Yew replied : there is “No Reason Not To”

 Overheard from  Bryan Ti   <- link


Three points:

1. Why is attending NDP  a ‘ritual of state worship‘?  Were the WP MPs attending NDP also engaged in such a ‘worship’?

2. When his own parents and grandparents become frail and and physically weakened, would this WP member (disrespectfully) describe them as ‘hollowing out‘?

3. Apparently this particular ‘edifice‘ he was referring to received the loudest applause and cheer during NDP, beating the both Junior Red Lions, and fire-works.

Chen Jiaxi was the Secretary of WP Youth Wing and Legislative Assistant to LTK and Faisal Manap.

***********************************end ********************************************

** MP Alex Yam shares his encounter with Mr Lee Kuan Yew earlier this week; when Mr Lee was asked if he’d attend the #NationalDayParade this year. **




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