Do we rescue them from their ” Life Sentence ” ?

Overheard from -> link Pamela Lim

Life’s Sentence

You don’t really need a crystal ball or a fortune teller to know your child’s future: he/she will spend six years adoring you, the next twelve years in school, another 4 to 8 in college, and then the rest of his/her life working to pay off the mortgage and other loans, and when done, retire.

For most of our children, the path seems set, and yes, no matter what gifts they are endowed with or what family background they come from. This is the life sentence we all share.

Hard to believe this, isn’t it? But the world is already crafted to work this way, unless we actively seek to break out of this ritual, our children will be stuck in it. Like most of us already are.

It would seem strange that people want lives like these, but most of us are seeking and stepping over each other to get this life sentence. And I was struggling to excel in it too, until I got bumped off.

I used to believe the world’s system: that it takes 12 years to teach kids enough stuff before they are equipped to be trained to make a living. But now, I realize everyone is born with some gifts and as parents, our most important task is to help discover these gifts and talents so that they can fully exploit them early and not lose their passion to the education system. This benefits themselves and the society.

I was told that debt is the main source of funds for financing corporations and personal lives. Fancy cars, big houses. credit cards, and expensive treats in restaurants are hallmarks of success. I now believe that being debt-free is the key to happiness, it keeps at bay anxiety and depression, the epidemic diseases of first world countries today. I still believe such material comforts are nice-to-haves, but only as far as we do not have to incur huge loans to support them.

Do we allow the world system and other people to dictate how our children should be taught and be brought up? Do we look around and compare to decide what we should possess?

I now believe we should look deep within our children, find resources to bring them to their full potential, feel happy about the size of our bank account and not the size of our house or car.

The moment they are born, our children are already on a conveyer belt destined for a life they might or might not like. Some of them will make it to the end and emerge winners, but for every success story, there will be many other sad ones who will fall off.

Do we rescue them from their life sentence before it is too late, or do we let systems just sweep them along, trying our best to help them keep afloat and hoping for the best outcome? Who is at the driving wheel?

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