Why Singapore’s still home.

Overheard from Michael Han


Why Singapore’s still home.

Oh Singapore, you paranoid child.
You worry like hell.
Your bucket-list is long
Like a broken-record song.
You can’t stop thinking,
About your neighbors, lurking.
In a world of division,
You’re spooked by race, language and religion.

With no resources and no hope.
You shed tears but refused to mope. Undaunted, you built homes and all.
So your people can still stand tall.
You put together a policy.
On security, peace and harmony.

You pitched for unity.
And hitched up to diversity.
Holding it all together.
Like birds of the same feather.
One nation, we mature.
We’ve risen above our nature.

You raised a 1st class economy;
With tears, fears and total autonomy. Independence day was your raw reckoning.
49 years and still counting,
You’re really happening.

No, you are not perfect.
But hey, what the heck.
If there’s ever a tag.
It’s captured in this nag.
We’re small no doubt.
A little red dot, a little pout.
And yet, we made it so far.
We’ve indeed come up on par.

And against the odds.
This is our story.
Despite our faults.
We’ve overcome our folly.

******************************************  *********************************


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