Great smile Mr. Lee Kuan Yew !! Frail but still a Giant :)

Overheard  :

Singapore’s first National Day celebrations

“On the eve of Singapore’s first National Day, then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew addressed the nation at a National Day Rally. After reviewing Singapore’s progress over the past year, Lee expressed confidence that the year ahead would become easier, “as the shape of things is becoming clearer to everyone”.[21] In his speech, he outlined the core competencies that Singaporeans had to develop to progress.

The delivery of the National Day Rally Speech and the National Day Message by the prime minister has become the annual occasion when the incumbent prime minister gives an overview of the government’s performance, and highlights the nation’s key challenges and its future directions.[22]

Between 1966 and 1970, the Prime Minister’s National Day Address was held before 9 August. In 1970, the rally was moved to the first or second Sunday after National Day.. ”

Read more about our first National Day Parade at this link -> Singapore’s first National Day celebrations


Photo: MP Alex Yam shares his encounter with Mr Lee Kuan Yew earlier this week; when Mr Lee was asked if he'd attend the #NationalDayParade this year. </p> <p>#NDP2014 #HappyBirthdaySingapore #NationalDay #Singapore #LeeKuanYew #LKY

Comments :

  • Seriously guys, whoever is organising NDP year after year, let’s drive LKY one round and let all Singaporeans say a big thank you to him that he could hear.
  • 李光耀先生,您对国家,人民的付出。并打造出一个国泰民安、经济繁荣、种族合谐的新加坡。岂是我能用三言两语能表达谢意,敬意呢?感恩,上帝賜于如此伟大,有远见的建国之父。求祂保守李先生健康,快乐!
  • Happy Birthday Singapore!! I am so pleased my children can enjoy and sing along with songs that make us feel home and more importantly, learn of our roots with great respect for MM Lee Kuan Yew and all our pioneers. Thank you for building a nation which we can call home and live in peace and prosperity!
  • 假如能添你寿我愿意折我的寿,敬爱的国父!死有重如太山轻如鸿毛,你能带领全国人民走向光明,值得!
  • Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew, you and our pioneer fathers have built a country which I am proud to call home. We will jealously guard against any attempts to destroy what our forefathers have painstakingly built. Thank you Sir on behalf of my family and every proud Singaporean. Happy National Day. We wish you good health and more good years.
  • Frail in body he might be but strong in spirit for Singapore he is. May God bless him and his family people for contributing so much to the country.
  • 李光耀先生,明年2015 ~ 新加坡50歲,先和您預約,要与我们不见不散哦!
  • We are very blessed to have you as our great leader. An Argentinian congratulated me in a restaurant in Ushaia”Congratulatuons, do you know that you are in a very well run country,”on hearing that I am from Singapore. People around the world know about your achievements on this red dot. Many of us here are aware too. Appreciate with a big thank you.
  • 向电视中的您轻声问:李光耀先生,您好吗?



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