Your Voice : Let’s be joyful together with anyone who wants to be part of Singapore’s special day.

Overheard :

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“Happy Birthday Singapore



要知道, 顺了哥意失嫂意…又每个人的际遇又不相同,所以,如果遇到难题不被关怀与协助,不要气馁,尝试寻找对的管道,必有出路与希望…


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Here’s wishing one and all a Happy 49th National Day!

Singapore has come a long way, it has not been a walk in the park. Let’s all hold fast and be true to our National Pledge to make certain that there will be many more good years of happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation!

Let’s all play our part in ensuring unity
regardless of race, language or religion and build a democratic society
based on justice and equality!

If it’s to be, it’s up to us! Majulah Singapura!!!

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Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy National Day!

While our leaders will be focussing on building a new national narrative, lets all take this time to also focus on the individual stories of our own lives and the places that we inhabit.

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So there was this car that came into the parking lot and why it stood out was because it had the Singapore flag attached on the roof (and it was the only car with a flag). Way to be patriotic I smiled to myself, especially so because these days, a lot less people actually bother themselves to hang out our national flag on this day (it used to be so beautiful when every single window of a housing block would have the flag).

Anyway, when the car came to a stop, out came the mom and her two kids.. they were caucasians. Honestly, my feelings were mixed.. still happy but curious. So when this mom and her children walked my way, I said to her, “I love that Singapore flag on your car”. She smiled and replied, “thank you… we’ve been living here for about 7 years now, just thought we’d join in the celebrations” and then her excited little daughter continued “ya we’re going to watch the fireworks tonight!”

As they continued on their way, the little girl did a little skip throwing her hands in the air shouting, “Happy birthday, Singapore!”.

And then it hit me hard.. yes we’re celebrating our 49th independence today but it’s not a day exclusively for Singaporeans only.. let’s not make it a “oh he’s Singaporean and she’s not” day today.. because in a very simple definition of a little caucasian child, it’s a birthday celebration of this nation. Let’s be joyful together with anyone who wants to be part of Singapore’s special day.

Let’s have a good one

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