Games medals reflect high quality of local training.. (we do not question whether the crabs and chickens came from Singapore :))


Source link : Games medals reflect high quality of local training,  TodayOnline
From  Timothy Tang, Published: 4:04 AM, August 1, 2014

“Singapore has won several medals at the Commonwealth Games. However, I have seen some online comments questioning the authenticity of some of the winners’ national identity and whether they are qualified enough to represent Singapore.

Those who posted such comments are mistaken about sports competitions and what these represent. A sports competition is not a beauty pageant, in which the appearance and culture of the contestants should represent their country’s populace as much as possible.

An international sports competition tests various countries on the quality and dedication of their athletes’ training. Any medals won would reflect the excellence of such important attributes.

Chilli crab and chicken rice are signature dishes that reflect our national identity, but we do not question whether the crabs and chickens came from Singapore. What matters is the trained technique of the cooks that went into preparing and cooking the dishes.

I hope more citizens can appreciate the high quality in nurturing our athletes to win medals in international sports. They should be applauded for their hard work and dedication.”


Overheard :

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ….true , I never questioned the origin of the crabs or chicken ….or the nationality of the cook , past and present.
  • I commented that these medal winners were actually rejects from the China Champion system and Singapore groomed them to what they are today. Second only to China on the world stage.
    It is Singapore’s efforts that they are Champions and their own personal hard work and talent. Nothing to do with China except by place of birth.
  • In sports, it is always a team effort, and achievements are team generated, no need to go nit picking on race, language or religion or Nationality, for that matter.
    Our team succeeded, celebrate it as it is, not dissect and tear it down with so much semantics that’s enough to sink a ship!
  • Every country can import crabs from Sri Lanka, but how many can make them as good as us? So where’s the difference?
    Many countries can import paddlers from China, but how many can make them champions? So where’s the difference?
  • I absolutely don’t care who is representing SG , I am grateful to anyone who is willing to.
    It is a requirement by these international sporting games that representative must be a citizen , lucky they didn’t specify must be born , breed and trained in that country ( very wise of them)

    Hokkien saying ” kian Xiao deng xiu ke ” shameful turn angry , are some local angry because such foreigners can achieve more for SG than they ever can or willing ?

    I keep hearing some go on and on about phantom local sports talent , they are elusive as local nurses , please give us some real life examples of talented locals who didn’t get into national team because of foreign talent .

    I read a person mention the “handsome rewards “of the foreign talents , I really want to quit my job and join national team but alas …my grandma can run faster than me.


Images  source link  ->  Team Singapore

Hoe Wah Toon has won a BRONZE for Singapore, in his event, Men’s Individual Vault.

Our Table Tennis Women’s Team even swept the podium, as Feng Tianwei, Yu Mengyu and Lin Ye claimed the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal respectively! 3 cheers for the athletes!..


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