FYI, Mr Lee Kuan Yew or PM Lee Hsien Loong don’t fly a plane alone, to shoot it down and you will kill more than just them.

#FreeMyInternet? Opposition parties will silently condone and encourage this sort of irresponsible behavior. None of them will stand up to rebuke their supporters for such irresponsible remarks. Like Jee Say lamented, he is not superman to stop his supporters from Jeering. Or like #WP‘s leaders, jeer leading during nomination & rally.

“Responsible parties should attract voters by selling the logic and sense of the policies it believes in, and not exploit extreme views that could fracture society, even if taking this tack dulls its attractiveness to some. “

Source ->Fabrications About The PAP


Comments :

  • FYI, LKY or LHL don’t fly a plane alone. To shoot it down and you will kill more than just them.
    And in case you don’t know, they take commercial plane with lots of passengers.
  • This is the kind of people who does not appreciate what our leaders have done for us. They don’t deserve to live in a great country like Singapore.
  • Democracy doesn’t mean cursing people. Both leaders has done their best for Singapore i am sure.
  • Scary to know that such people totally void of compassion, humanity, responsibility and respect, even for their own fellow countrymen, would think their party is fit to run a nation….Where is its credibility ?
  • Absolutely appalling. If that was a snapshot of what Singaporeans and what Singapore would be, I’ll be damned. Insensitive remarks like these should never be condoned.
  • This kind of people is known as “the Complainer”. They will blame everyone else, in this case – the govt, for what’s going wrong in their life. Because they refuse to be accountable for the consequences of their choices, they keep repeating the same mistakes ad infinitum, accusing those around them of causing all their suffering. Feel sad for them.
  • Clowns and stooges, ruffians and hooligans that’s what these people are.. Sadly, they are also Singaporeans!
  • He is scum. To make light of a tragedy like this is beyond belief.
  • It would seems that one should practice prudence to steer clear of such people and not cross his path, else he will send whoever he’s unhappy with to their demise. Thank goodness he’s not “Aaron Almighty”.
  • Ignoramus who doesn’t know that our leaders travel SQ with regular Singaporeans.
  • Have some respect to the 2 leaders especially LKY for wat he did to the country. U might not like their policies but dun curse until like that lar…
  • This guy isn’t the only one who made this kind of comment. There are others. I replied to one of them on CNA. I told him he was sick in his mind. There were many others who also rebuked him for his comment and his reply was ‘so many IBs’..
  • Terrible thing to say. You don’t curse someone, that’s the very basic moral of life.

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