What have i got ? What have i given up ? . – Mr Lee Kuan Yew

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  • Whatever he did in the past, he did it truly with his heart of goodwill and good conscience for his country and its nation
  • He is one of the few very respected leaders in the world !
  • His conscience was clear, no matter what the history books would say. He had done what he thought was right and that was good enough for him.
  • Objective criticism and criticizing a person just because you don’t like that person are not quite the same. And there is a world of difference between criticizing a person and hatefully hurling insults and curses.Very often what a person says and d

    oes is a reflection of the person himself/herself. What Mr LKY had done all his life is a reflection of the great leader that he is who is consumed with passion for Singapore and the destiny of its people and how to give a good life to them.What Han Hui Hui had done is a reflection of the person that she is, a person consumed with hate and self-importance, of poor upbringing who does not understand the meaning of good manners and respect.

    What Mr Lee Kuan Yew would say to people like ignorant&complete disgrace HHH and fouled mouth Tan Kheng Liang.

  • In fact Spore r very lucky to have such a great leader who is so committed  his whole life building our country till today.We should b grateful n appreciated what he had done.May God blessed him always.
  • He does have a golden heart for his country and people.
  • “Even as Malaysia is a bigger country, there are a lot more countries which are bigger and more successful than Malaysia.”
    As a Malaysian myself, I agree fully that Malaysia is currently under shitty governance. Perhaps Singapore breaking away from Malaysia back at 1965 was a wise move.
    MM Lee has contributed much to Singapore as much as Tunku Abdul Rahman did to Malaysia. The only difference is the management of nations thereafter. Singapore develops and gradually becomes a developed nation, while Malaysia constantly goes downhill after Tunku’s resignation (and still going).
  • You are forever our beloved father!!
  • I don’t think anyone else could do a better job than LKY at that time and situation. You have my utmost respect always and forever Sir.
  • Each of us live in our own world and each one thinks that one is correct and the other is wrong. What we think is a fraction of the big picture in place. To defend the shrewd and the bad, there is need to think like one and surpass that one. What Sir LKY has done is nothing less than a phenomenon. Regardless, it takes a shrewd businessman to make a business successful and he made Singapore successful. In my books, Sir LKY is one Great Man and he proved is all it takes is one man’s vision and will to make dreams a reality. We are having a better life because of his actions. Now it is up to us to progress further and take challenges to better ourselves even more.
  • I, my parents, my wife and children are all profoundly grateful to LKY. Thank you, Sir, for giving up your life for Singapore. No one knows fully the pains you and your wife have gone through and the sacrifices you have made.
  • I think none of us here have done or can do what he has done for singapore. If you dislike him that is your perogative . He is my mp and i will vote for him again and again and again weather he is active or not and that is my perogative.
  • We had leaders that brought us out from the lows at that time. Look at us today. We are a proud nation thanks to our pioneers. Many comments now are made about things not knowing what the nation had gone through in our darkest hour. When we are too comfortable we become complacent. God bless Singapore, forever.
  • 被孤立无助的时候, 谁为新加坡掉泪? 岂能尽如人意 但求无愧于心。愿国家世代平安.
  • only people of my age will know the hard truths, GOD be with you, Mr Lee…., no worries, you have done us proud !
  • Truly well said, thanks for your sacrifice. There is no perfect person so you did your best for a successful Singapore. Having travelled extensively, I am truly proud to be a Singaporean!
  • LKY stood by his conviction to get Spore to what it is today! During his time when he fought against colonialism and the communists as well as getting Spore out of Malaysia , where was HHH? If she was not in that era, can she just go into the archives at the National Library and read how difficult it was then.. Any lesser disciplinary and courageous person than this man LKY would had thrown in the towels and our history would then be a lot lot different than today… All those who criticized LKY for all his work done for Spore are simply ignorant and naive . A lot of so called oppositions thought that LKY was lucky to have comrades like Goh Keng Swee, Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye, etc and would not be who he is today without them! well , all these great comrades of LKY had their inidvidual unique talents but they were unable to put each separate ideas to work without nominating a person like LKY who was good in public speaking and leadership to put all their ideas together through. I would dare say that if HHH parents or grandparents who had not one way or another benefited from the success of governance during LKY’s time , she would not be here today criticizing so frivolously about LKY .. To sum it all, I have tremendous respect for this great statesman LKY and certainly Spore would not be where she is today although we are just a small red dot in the world map.
  • Grace to Allah …
    We are fortunate to have you to lead SINGAPORE & this NATION …
    Results is undeniable -> SUCCESS is SEEN.
    You have carve a path to success …
    Failure are them & their choice …
    Still it’s not to late as there are always room for improvement …
    I thank you ..
    You are my idol ..
    I cannot manage the nation …
    Least I Can Manage My Family …

    We are yet to be the Best ..
    From Good we keep going for the Better … Cheers

  • Salute to you with full respect Mr. Lee. Thank you! Me and my family are grateful to you, your wife and your team has had done for Singapore. Amazing work by firm hand of leadership. Is the work perfect? No, but the greatness is good enough to transform this small red dote to held our head high on international stage. Provide economic stability, racial harmony, low jobless rate, roof over our head and safety! For sure this calling , accountability and responsibility is not a walk in a park. Big hug to you .



67 comments on “What have i got ? What have i given up ? . – Mr Lee Kuan Yew

  1. Bernard yeo says:

    Long live Mr Lee Kuan Yew. History will judge you well. My family and I are eternally grateful for the life you gave up so that we can hv a successful Singapore. I wish you good and excellent heatlh all the days of your life.

  2. Eng HC says:

    We are thankful for you. You are a man of principle who dares to stand up for the truth and fight for it. I hope this spirit will pass on to the next generation leadership. We attribute our nation success to your leadership. We will always remember your contribution to this little red dot. Live well and be happy!

  3. Derek says:

    Lee Kuan Yew has done is a superb job in leading what Singapore is today and yes I am very grateful of that.

    Now, back to HHH, what she mention is the current leader, get your facts right. I am neutral on both sides. I can say the leaders now are too greedy and for self interest. They do not have the heart for Singaporeans and in it for profit only. Sad… I wish there is another Lee Kuan Yew to wipe these bunch of greedy ppl out of Singapore…

  4. sooquaimeng says:

    With Love and Admiration for a man for the people like Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. May God bless his family!

  5. Peter Lum says:

    Thank you Mr Lee for what you have done, I wish you good health ans please smile a little more, we missed that much of your smile……Peter Lum

  6. Hannie says:


  7. Ng Swee Kiong says:

    You are the man, without you there’s no Singapore and have good foresight to change to (Singlish) English as first lauguge. You have my respect to make Singapore as it is now. Sir take care of yourself and spend more time with your family .

  8. Charlie Teo says:

    Without him and his team of dedicated patriots, Singapore wont be what we are now, a successful nation envy by others.History will soon hail him as our hero. My respect to you Sir for your great sacrifices and the legacy you left behind.

  9. Shirley Soh says:

    Thank you very much Mr.Lee for contributing your whole life to Singapore. You have changed Singapore into a prosperous country which everybody are proud of. I’m so grateful to you for what you have done and I’m so proud I’m a Singaporean. I couldn’t imagine how S’pore will be without you. Those people who bad mouth about Mr.Lee are jealous, uneducated, ungrateful n greedy. Put them in Mr.Lee shoes they will know is not as easy as what they think. People only know how to use their mouth to talk n criticise but what did they do or contribute? I don’t care what other people said but I know Mr.Lee have given his whole life to our nation n without him Singapore will not be today. Thank you Mr.Lee and God Bless you .

  10. hweetoi says:

    I salute MM Lee for most of the work he done for singapore ( particularly the anti corruption stance he made in the early days of singapore. but i still hope Mr Lee would have openly admit some shortcoming in the policy he make ( eg. the two child policy , the speak chinese campagin ( killing all dialects), the muilti million dollars ministerial pay etc ). he should have persist on his views on NO Casinos ( that brought many social issues today) among others socal problems.. live well and be happy

  11. celine says:

    Lky is the founder.. he has gone through all to this sg to what it is.. . Country with anti corruption … strict.and harsh law against ammunition and drugs.. this is the safe country we have.. youngster are too fortunate that they dun noe.all.these.dun come easy….we dun have the fight in parliament.. .. opposition ..are for pple to.vent their frustration on their.own.unhappy life..

  12. Susan Seah says:

    Dear Mr Lee. You are truly a great man. You have dedicated your entire life to build Singapore into one of the world’s most respected and safe country. Your foresight n vision for Singapore is second to none. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us. My greatest wish is to be able to meet you n listen to your wise words. May God bless you with good health and many more good years of bliss !

  13. Pierre Balmefrezol says:

    I am a Frenchman who used to live in Singapore during three years. For me, LKY is quite simply the greatest Statesman alive. End of story.

  14. KT says:

    Thank You everything You have done for our country!! Without You without Singapore Today!! I belong to the younger generation but I believe in only I see and not what I hear.. You have done great!! 😉

  15. Dr Jean-Jacques AndreGermain RAYNAL says:

    I am a French PR leaving in Singapore since 2001
    I have been working for 42 years in industry field across the world Europe N&S America, Africa , Asia
    If I decided to be PR of Singapore is because this small Republic is a model of success in many domains thank to a visionary man Sir LKY.
    My advice to Singapore citizens who are complaining go abroad to check if there is any better country in term of quality of life. Consider the global picture , don’t focus on details , be constructive for the future of your country . You must be proud of the way Singapore is managing, since 1965 ,the country . Mr LKY has devoted his entire life for Singapore citizens
    In 2014 the situation of Singapore is excellent making this place the pearl of South East Asia.

  16. shanthi says:

    truthfully, what Singapore is now is due to his sacrifices and his commitment to make it a better place. saying thank you or saying great job is insufficient. we all have our social life, family life and commitments around us but he pledged his life for Singapore. Mr Lee, thank you for bringing us this far of achievement.

  17. Jenny says:

    Mr Lee, without your leadership, we wouldn’t have today’s Singapore. Whole heartedly thank-you for your contribution. My myself and family will always remember your greatness

  18. YC Yong says:

    Mr Lee,
    There will always be those who are ignorant and self centered.
    But there are also a lot us who appreciate what the first generation leaders has done for Singapore.
    Stay healthy and live well.

  19. Robert young says:

    I have often wondered what Singapore would be like if we did not have Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. Thank God we did, cause we could not have a better Prime Minister than him. He is truly the founder of the new Singapore. My only regret is I never got to shake his hand to thank him personally.

  20. sankar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Although not a Singaporean, i have read and heard enough of yours. Your struggles and achievements would speak for ages and it will motivate every single human like me and my generations. I dont have experience to debate about few of your controvortial decisions that many young singaporeans are not so happy about, but certainly it is thier time now to work towards reshaping it without affecting the racial harmony in Singapore. Singapore is no more or was never a local city. It was always been a pioneering global city. Your vision was that and it is today…whether it will continue to be is in the hands of younger generation leaders.
    You had done your best and you deserve a good rest too. But hope and wish that you continue to mentor the next gen leaders, in the interest of your nation that u built and your own global citizens ☺

  21. Jay Lim says:

    Great man spends all his time and even all his life to do what he feels and needs to do and do not have time to think of what others are thinking of him! And Mr Lee you are! May the great spirit be with you all time! We are proud of you!

  22. Anthony tang says:

    It is a pity that you contributed so much to Singapore and Singaporeans. Today we are not so lucky as the new generation MPs do not have your caliber of management. It will be sad to see Singapore go to the foreigners when you go away.

  23. 许梦琪 says:


  24. Dawn Chua says:

    Without you… There’s no us….
    I believe without someone like you who can foresee n plan ahead of time, we cannot come this far…
    We are thankful, must be thankful to you n your comrades for the joy and peace we enjoy today!
    Love you to the max!

  25. Freddie Wong says:

    A great statesman! Singapore for what it is today owes a lot to this man. Singaporean should be grateful for such a leader.

  26. Linen Lee says:

    I am from the early 40s during the Japanese invasion. Times were really hard under Japanese occupation. Even during British rule later, there was so much corruption. But things began to change when a group of young men took control of their fate under the leadership of Mr. LKY. These few brave men alter the fate of many like me and took Singapore to what is today, a great nation. My family is truly thankful that someone like Mr. LKY who sacrificed so much all because he truly love Singapore and it’s people.
    Young people of today never knew the sufferings of yesterday but only blindly absorbing and prostrating to the decadent culture of the West. If only they knew what Mr. LKY has to suffer for the good of our beloved country and it’s people, they would speak less and listen more. We understand the foolishness of youth and what they represent of today’s generation, a rebellious and ungrateful people who just love to listen to their own noise and wallow in their ignorance. I am saddened by their total disrespect for our Founding Father Mr LKY without knowing the real person and who he represents, a man with great vision and strong will to make our nation Singspore to what it is today – a First World Nation within a few decades.

  27. Francis koh says:

    One of the rare few human that is selfless and give his life for the love of his nation.

  28. TinS says:

    IMHO Mr. LKY are the greatest leader and my most respected man. You gave me and family a place that we can live safely, a home that we can comfortably live in, a land with greenery that doesn’t make us feeling like living in concrete jungle, a clean water and many more. I do appreciate all you vision and hardwork for Singapore. My salute to you ! Please take care and wish you a good health.

  29. SH CHang says:

    Mr LKY and his pioneer/selfless ministers & MP have done what most people would not believe Singapore can achieve – high quality of life, good education, medical care and excellent infrastructure, and most importantly a platform for each generation to improve themselves. Of course success comes with hard work and some stress, end of the day, you have to decide your work life balance and decide what makes you happy and contented.




  31. Jas says:

    Mr. LKY, I have been to nursing home visit my dad
    Last night, all demential patient old folks there, I heard an old woman shouting – I am Singaporean, pls call LKY here!!!
    My dad is serious demential patient there also, he can’t remember his children, his wife, but not LKY!
    Hi, all, you can seen how great power of LKY,
    He is a superman in Singapore, he bring hope n future to us, let all the Singaporean here, bless for his health and happiness, he will with us forever,

  32. Bernard Toh says:

    I’m grateful and thankful for Mr Lee Kuan Yew. That Singaporeans enjoy the quality of life we have today is a result of the vision, grit and determination of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. What he did, he did for Singapore and Singaporeans. Is he perfect? No! But he is a great leader,

  33. Winnie Rae Tay says:

    Thank you for what you have done for us … I respect you !

  34. Alan Yeo says:

    Thank you for what you have done for Singapore….👍

  35. loh kha teck says:


  36. Lee Kok Yong says:

    谢谢你 你是我的英雄!
    没有你 就没有 独立的新加坡。

  37. Pauline Tan says:

    My deep appreciation to you Mr Lee K Y, for Spore and giving us a country that’s prosperous and safe for our children and hopefully many more generations to come.
    I thank God for giving you to Singapore,for your sacrifice and hard work and dedication to our people ,our country,Thanks.

  38. John LEE says:

    I salute! He has the guts to do and at the same time, he has his obedient supporters….

  39. Andrew Kong says:

    MInister Mentor or not, you ARE my MENTOR


    Oh Great Lee. Oh Great Singapore. Unseparable

  41. Mr Lee Kuan Yew is the greatest man of this era . We Love him and Respect him deeply !

  42. Saudi Tan says:

    Truly certainly surely a man with integrity, which country own him that country proper, I will respect him in my lifetime.

  43. Tracy Ilia Choo says:

    Without him, Singapore will not be where we are and what we are today. Am very proud to be a Singaporean. Thanks for all you’ve done for our country, Mr Lee. Wishing you well.

  44. Sarvesh Malhotra says:

    Personally I admire him as a leader par excellence. He has set the bar of leadership so high.

  45. Priscilla says:

    I live on the other side of the causeway… I really wish our leaders can learn from you. Our land has been badly abused and still being abused further. I salute you Sir Lee Kwan Yew.
    As we drink water, we must know the source of water.
    . . .

  46. Kuhan says:

    I am not even Singaporean, but I know he was a good man that stood up for his country.

  47. desiree ng says:

    My respected mentor, without u, i wont be what i am today, tq so much, Mr Lee, my beloved father. Really so fortunate to be born as a Singaporean, proud to be Singaporean.

  48. Zakaria says:

    Even I am Malay from Malaysia, i’m still salute & respect Mr Lee as he had leaded Singapore with a hormony & peace country. And i really hope Malaysia Malay leaders can learn from Singapore. We Malay people like Chinese, Indian, Dayak, Iban, Kadazan, etc. but lots of our own race like to create chaos & religion matters which really disappointed me & my family. My Chinese neighbour is my best friend as well. I really hope Malaysia canbe like Singapore so successful & at least all races stay in peacefully & hapilly in their motherland – Malaysia. Selamat Hari Raya Aldilfitri & happy holiday to everyone 🙂

  49. sanjeewa says:

    A greatest leader all time, a leader who had clear vision and determination, Respect from a Sri Lankan.

  50. JK says:

    Singapore will be totally wiped out of the world map if without this great man of ours called Lee Kuan Yew.
    No matter how people may criticise him I have great respect on him because he is the man that make we Singaporeans walk with our heads up where ever we go in any part of the world. Without him there will be no Singapore today.

  51. Mabel Pek says:

    Dearest Father of Singapore

    We love you for being there for us, we are Singaporeans!

    Without you – we won’t be what we are today. Our respect to you Sir for the great sacrifices and legacy you left behind.

    We love you.. May God Bless you and your family abundantly..

  52. DT says:

    LKY is a politician! Never trust a politician!

  53. teoh wai thim says:

    Rightly or wrongly. Singapore has given me a university education which Malaysia cannot. And to this I am thankfull. To make a living is all rest on me

  54. toru95 says:

    Long live Mr Lee! We have what we have today is not for granted, we should move forward. I will cherish my life as a Singaporean and continue to contribute like u do.

  55. Angie says:

    We love you and respect you. We are thankful for all that you have done, your love and dedication to Singapore. The young ones are ignorant and do not treasure Singapore and its government, they do not appreciate you but we very much do! If not for what you have done for Singapore, we will not be where we stand now. Nobody will ever hear or know Singapore! I am proud to be a Singaporean because we have a superb leader and will always have!

  56. Ting Hoe says:

    Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, you are a great and visionary leader. With courage, perseverance and focus you have led Singapore to what it is today. I salute you Sir! Singapore have been a beacon of light for SEA and the world. I always wonder why you have such a wisdom & understanding of knowing so many things and can only conclude that ” God loves you and bless you fear and wisdom “.

  57. queksc says:

    You are the best leader! You gain our respect & love! Thank you very much!
    Stay healthy and happy!

  58. Eng Billiong says:

    Salute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Feel shame to litter tan keng liang.

  59. Ong H T says:


  60. alex loh says:

    LKY is God-sent to build up a nation called Singapore with beacon shining light to the region for others to follow. My gratitude to this man and God bless this country.

  61. sooquaimeng says:

    B’cos of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew; I am dignified as Huaren!

  62. James Hong says:

    James says;
    Sir Lee Kuan Yew Greatest Leader of All in this Century, No doubt about it. God Bless You and Family

  63. Josh Lim says:

    I am very grateful for what Lee Kuan Yew has done for Singapore. We are so blessed to have such a visionary leader that led us from a poor third world nation to a prosperous nation that cares for its citizens. I am extremely sad that ignorant and disrespectful people like HHH is allowed to be given a platform to insult our founding fathers, but that’s democracy I supposed. More people should speak up. Count our blessings.

  64. Shirley Lum says:

    You and your team have gone through a lot of hardship to build up Singapore became a rich country today, top worthy nation in the world. No doubt PAP is still the best party has the best leaders to lead Singapore, people live in the secure and safe place, should the they complain? No.

    Mr Lee, your are a hero, legend, intellectual and great politician in the world!

    I thank you for your contribution to Singapore and influences to the world.

  65. Shirley Lum says:




  66. Mary Adele says:

    No government in the world is perfect. Most world leaders govern the country to obtain personal and familys’ gains and fame.
    Our founding father Mr LKY has sacrificed and toiled almost half of his life for the nation and the country. Nobody, absolutely nobody can doubt his compassion, commitment, wisdom,
    vision, diligence and prosperity that he has brought to us.
    Just for recap, our recognised and effective education,clean and rapid transport, cosy and well maintained hdb,clean and green place and world class health care system that we are enjoying them till today.
    In our homeland if everyone are willing to perform their job reasonably well and take care of their families, there is no cause of alarm.Everyone lives united and harmoniously as one nation and embrace peace and love gracefully.
    My belief, if Singapore was governed by another leader since 1965, we will certainly be a different people all together. Let us be grateful and thankful to Mr LKY for his greatest sacrifice, commitment and strong character to achieve the comfort and world class status Singapore for us.

  67. Nobody is perfect, especially the politicians, but you are one of the greatest after WWII.

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