To those “experts” who are so unhappy with this little red dot

Overheard from Serene

Each time I hear Singaporean expressed dissatisfaction of our country to the point of deprecating; I can’t help feeling sad while at the same time I just wonder….

If someone criticize the school you studied in, wouldn’t you defend your school?

If someone condemn the company you worked in, castigate the company as lousy company and even rebuke all the staff that is in the company, wouldn’t you turn yourself into a bulwark against those who condemned?

But why not when it comes to your country?

Why join in those personal attack instead of coming up with a constructive proposal or suggestion?

Is there really an utopia where every single one person is fully satisfied?

Policies made were deemed appropriate at that particular point in time, suitable to shape things then and probably the following few years. Changes always happen because everything changes with time.

What was suitable then may not be applicable today, but that doesn’t mean it is wrong.

If all were wrong, then how would Singapore – this little red dot without any natural resources in only 49 years from a fishing village become a thriving financial hub and have its people free to travel around the world without much trouble with visa applications?

Why are Singaporeans mostly welcome by other countries and being understudied for its governance and success?

Regardless MM, our ministers, grassroots leader or even any of our pioneer generation…. they have given their 100% to do what they have done. I think they ought to deserve some credit, if not at least a due respect.

For those who had shouted wolves, stirred troubles cleverly by creating an aversion….. I dare ask :”Are you able to provide a solution or an alternative to what you are dissatisfied about?

Are you certain you have made no mistakes in your entire life?”

Please do not be befuddled by people who are experts in manipulating emotions.

If these “experts” are really expert in what they said, they would be able to provide solutions.

If these “experts” who are so unhappy with this little red dot, then they wouldn’t have chosen this little red dot as their new settlement (refer to HHH).

~ Just a thought and personal opinion.


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4 comments on “To those “experts” who are so unhappy with this little red dot

  1. kitsura says:

    It seems you have been drinking the LKY coolaid as well. 49 years ago SG was relatively developed thanks to the British. You have to go way way back to 1819 during the days of Sir Stamford Raffles to when SG was last a fishing village.

  2. Heart Truth says:

    If someone criticize the school you studied in, wouldn’t you defend your school?

    Wouldn’t you also reflect if the criticism is well deserved?

  3. Sinkee says:

    Of course everybody made mistakes…but did they ever admit it?

  4. Gem says:

    When the British left Singapore and Singapore was out of Malaysia, who is the one who give Singapore jobs and security in our island state? The leaders who are able to bring us to what we are today and even being emulated by many countries. Our people in the little red dot being able to face to the world and even look up with respect by countries many times bigger. Thanks to PAP!

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