His dream was a simple one. All he wished for was to have a blissful life with his family…

Mr Irwan recounted how his family had to move from place to place because they did not have a place to call their own. For years, his family of 5 slept in the living rooms of their parents’ flats due to overcrowding. His wife often cried due to pressure from their parents to move out. He worked long hours and had little time for his family. On top of all these, his family faced financial difficulties and relationship with his wife and children was strained.

Like many of us, Mr Irwan had dreams. His dream was a simple one. All he wished for was to have a blissful life with his family; where they live happily together in their own flat. One where he gets to spend quality time with his loved ones without having to work endless hours to make ends meet.

It all seems far-fetched until he joined his current employer and became a union member under the Amalgamated Union of Statutory Board Employees (AUSBE). Besides enjoying better work-life balance compared to his previous jobs, he also received lots of “TLC – tender loving care” from AUSBE representatives, Sis Lai Meng and Bro Alvin Tan, who constantly showed care and concern and asked after his family.

With the help of the union and support from NTUC-U Care Fund, Mr Irwan also benefitted from assistance schemes such as the U Stretch vouchers, U Care Back to School vouchers and study grants for his children, which went towards lessening his financial burden. He was also able to enjoy bonding time with his family through many family activities organised by NTUC such as the Family Recreation & Fun Carnivals and movie screenings organised by the union.

Today, Mr Irwan and his family live in a 2-room flat. Humble it may be, it is nonetheless a home they can proudly call their own. He now spends more quality time with his family and their family ties are stronger than ever.

We are heartened the NTUC-U Care Fund has played a part in making a difference in yet another union member’s life.

The 2014 NTUC U Stretch and U Care Back to School Voucher Programmes are now open for application. For details, visit www.ntuc.org.sg/ucare/apply

Source : FB Link -> U Care   



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